Mattea is a platform that provides workshops and counselling on ways to live a healthy mental, physical and spiritual life.

Basic Information

Gurugram-based Mattea’s motto is to bring back you into the sphere of innocence yet knowledgeable and to establish a relation of harmony with nature’s space exactly reminding you about the warmth of mother’s lap being with Earth as mother. Mattea’s mission has its objective very clear to establish a balanced life through five pillars based on a sound platform of education and holistic applications. The pillars are mental strengthening, emotional wellbeing, mindful nutrition, physical balance, and spiritual equilibrium. Their holistic healing programmes include reversal programmes, wellness programmes and workshops, rehabilitation program, nutritional and organic supplements, virtual clinics, chronic illness monitoring, diet and nutrition counselling, and music and dance therapy. See more

Legal Name


Mattea Holistics Private Limited



Gurugram, Haryana, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees



Core Team


T. Rajdev Patro

Co-Founder & Director


Sunil Tyagi



Arundhati Kar


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