The Tribe Concepts is India’s first plant-based certified Ayurvedic Skincare brand. An all-natural skincare brand that takes you back to your roots by providing products that are all-natural alternatives to everyday skin and hair care in the purest natural powder or oil forms with no added chemicals, preservatives or colours. See more

Basic Information

One of their key unique propositions is that when they say that their products are 100% natural and organic, they stick to it. They don’t tamper with their natural powders and cold-pressed oils with preservatives, in order to give them a more pleasing fragrance or a texture which has become the accepted norm. They try to simplify all products to a point but the potency of their ingredients is very important fo r us because ultimately that is what will drive results. See more

Legal Name


The Tribe Concepts



Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India

Business Model




Founding Date



No. of Employees


61 to 100

Core Team


Amritha Varshini Gaddam

Founder and CEO


Apuroopa Gaddam

Co-Founder and COO


Nitya Mohan

Co Founder & CMO

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