Therakids Noida is a professional organisation that works on disabled children.

Basic Information

Therakids Noida give full opportunity to such children to express their thoughts and also study their behaviour, and on that basis, they program children to fight their diagnosis so that they can live a healthy life. They pay full attention to every child equally. They connect children to a healthy environment from the first day of their arrival. They know every human being needs engagement and social affairs, and they do their best to support them. See more

Legal Name


Therakids Noida



Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Akansha Rana


Revenue Streams

Target Market


TheraKids Noida provides best services for occupational therapist for children in Noida. There are world-class facilities available for children to develop their ability in various activities.

User Age


Less than 18

User Income


Lower Income