Tiluf is building a decentralised mixed reality using Blockchain with native cryptocurrency and AR/VR/XR.

Basic Information

Tiluf is a platform based on Blockchain, which allows users to experience mixed reality (AR, VR and XR), own and pass on digital 3D creations, and much more. Tiluf is a platform where Creators and Embracers come together to be a part of the creation of a decentralized reality, block by block and curio by curio. Users can embrace the Curios, by augmenting them onto their reality and can create Sonders to broadcast their creations. Talking about decentralization, Tiluf runs on its own blockchain network, and has a native utility token known as the Tiluf coin ($TLF). Tiluf’s future plans show many interesting factors like AR-based community-group formations (which will be governed through smart contracts), De-fi, the decentralized mixed reality engine, and hardware integrations like mixed reality glasses, and in-house hardware products such as Telebots. See more



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Yash Shukla




Co-Founder & Director