Unremot is a virtual space for team collaboration allowing building & publishing of virtual spaces for offices, classes & webinars.

Basic Information

Bengaluru based unremot is a virtual space for team collaboration. Users can build their virtual space for remote offices, webinars, meetings & online classes. Users can publish the recordings and allow their audience to discover them anytime. UnRemot is built to provide optimum collaboration to distributed teams through below features: Create dedicated teams, Virtual office, One-tap video calls, Text Chats, Easy Screen sharing, Track productivity, Calendar, Task management and File sharing. Some of the most Popular Spaces on unremot: Steps - Steps is a social initiative based in Chennai, intending to serve without social biases; Founders Vs Entrepreneurs - This is a series of weekly, casual interactions with a close network of founders; Book Smash - Here users discuss some personal takes on some famous books they've read - mostly into technology, science, psychology, history & space; Future of Work - Weekly once, 5 PM Tue, users discuss and the share experiences around remote work and how the world is changing towards shaping the future of remote work; Pangat - Pangat is a small social group of Hindi literature lovers. Users meet on Saturdays - the objective is to promote Indic language reading among people. See more

Legal Name


UnRemot Inc.



New Castle, Delaware, United States of America

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Core Team


Shiju Radhakrishnan

Co-Founder & CEO


Nisanth Kumar

Co-Founder & CTO