UpYourGame is a HR tech startup helps companies gather important data with its AI-based performance management as well as predictor tools.

Basic Information

UpYourGame’s product helps organisations to easily set goals and track employee performance in real time. Basic profiles of employees are pre-created in the software. There is a library of 2,300 goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that enterprises can choose from. A recommendation engine that runs on ML algorithms can filter out KPIs that are irrelevant to an industry. The other interesting product feature is performance prediction. So, depending on entries, feedback and other data captured, UpYourGame can predict an employee’s purple patch and allows managers to set goals accordingly. UpYourGame was a part of StartAD, a leading UAE-based accelerator, where it got the opportunity to test PoCs and network with people. It also earned them pilot projects from two major enterprises in the aviation and BFSI sectors. Their product is priced in three ways i.e. $0 for 5 teams, $5 per month for 5+ users per month, and $40 for 5+ users per year. See more



Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Amogh Kamath



Tejas Kamath



Sofia Chand

Co-Founder & Product Manager

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