VSR Agro Products is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of the tastiest and the most flavourful pickles and brine.

Basic Information

Founded in 2014, VSR Agro Products brings together amazing spices and ingredients to make finger-licking pickles in different flavours like Avakaya pickles, tomato pickles, citron pickles, mix pickles, gongura pickles, lemon pickles, mango pickles, red chilli pickles, and mango thokku pickles. In addition to these pickles, they are also making pickle brine of carrot chilli, citron, mango, green chilli, lemon, red chilli, etc. Their manufacturing unit is located in Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu, India) from where we make the best pickles and supply them to different Indian cities and even abroad. The pickle fermentation lab at their manufacturing unit is equipped with all the required technologies to keep the pickles in the optimal condition for fermentation. Their R&D facility enables them to keep testing new ingredients and techniques for improving their pickles’ quality. Their production unit is very spacious and is able to produce around ten thousand tons of pickles in a year. See more

Legal Name


VSR Agro Products



Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India

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Core Team


Somasundaram Chennakesavan

Co-Founder & CEO


M. C. Vijayan



M. C. Chennakesavan