Vsual Brewery is a Boutique Video Production house.

Basic Information

Gurugram, Haryana based Vsual Brewery was conceived with the vision of Bringing Elevated Awareness through various media: Digital, Mobile and Television. In today’s world where media has a very special place in our lives, Vsual Brewery like to use this powerful medium to Educate and bring Awareness towards making this world a socially aware place through Stories that Bridge Cultural Gaps, Make Learning Fun, Educate and bring Awareness on key issues of Healthy Living, Caring for the Environment, Living a Holistic Lifestyle and Telling Brand Stories that Enrich and Educate Stakeholders. If their clients have a Story to Tell, a Vision to Share, a Lesson to Teach or a Product to Sell, they will fulfil the need, strategise and Brew them Entertaining, Educative Stories for their target audience. Their clients include Da Vinci Media GmbH, New Call Telecom UK, Honeywell Connection, Carrefour India, Kanyoga, Apollo Tyres, Vertex to name a few. See more

Legal Name


Vsual Brewery



Gurgaon, Haryana, India

No. of Employees



Core Team


Vimala Rajkumari

Founder & Producer


Johnson Singh Maisnam

Founder & Executive Producer