Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of building construction material products in India.

Basic Information

Walplast was established in year 2004 having 20 manufacturing facilities strategically located in all the four corners of India along with well-equipped R&D laboratories. Walplast manufacturers various products in the field of premixed plaster, wall putty, and other building materials at its plants. The product range presently covers Skim Coat (Wall Putty), Water Proof Plasters, Tile Adhesives, Crack Fillers and Small Pack Additives for construction industry. All products are tested as per parameters specified by Singapore housing board and company also follow European and American standard for testing. The company has a presence in countries like UAE, Singapore, Nepal, Maldives, Fiji, Kenya, Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Philippines, Mauritius, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc. See more



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


251 to 500

Core Team


Ashok Mehta

Founder & Chairman


Milan Thakkar

Chief Executive Officer