wherecani.live helps people move abroad by answering the question ‘where can I live?’ and then helping them every step of the way.

Basic Information

wherecani.live is a platform with the vision to be the go-to source for trusted information and support for people wanting to find a new country to call home. By presenting their clients with thorough, accurate information and viable options, the company strives to help them turn their dream of starting a new life abroad into a reality. All their information includes vital up-to-date links to government websites and other sources of information. They use current specialised software that monitors immigration websites. They also use their immigration partner network to help understand the finer points of local laws and procedures. In addition, their trusted partners are also an excellent resource for keeping information up to date as publicising of changes takes some governments a little while. See more

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Where Can I Live



London, England, United Kingdom

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Founding Date



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Core Team


Alastair Johnson

Co-founder & COO

Jan | Key Leadership Hire
Alastair Johnson replaced Ian Ryder as COO.
Mar | Product Launch
Fixed Price legal consultancy for Spain
Mar | Started Generating Revenue
Change of model to direct sales of set consultancy.
May | Product Launch
Fixed Price legal consultancy for Portugal
Sep | Product Launch
Fixed Price legal consultancy for Argentina and Mauritius.

Target Market


Anyone looking to move abroad

User Age


18 to 25, 26 to 34, 35 to 45, 46 to 60, More than 60

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Upper-middle Income, High Income