Woodland offers an extensive line of footwear, performance apparel and outdoor gear.

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New Delhi based Woodland is a premium brand of outdoor shoes and apparels in India with a network of 500 exclusive stores worldwide, the ultimate showcase for all Woodland collections, the stores offer unparallel customer service. The brand has presence in more than 4800 multi-brand outlets globally. The parent company of the brand - Aero Group - has been a pioneer since its inception in the early 1950’s and has been proactive in early adoption of new technologies. If its true experience brings wisdom then being in the business for more than 60 years means the company knows a thing or two about what the shoes are all about. From humble beginnings half a century ago to a global outdoor brand with around 2 billion dollars in assets, it’s been a journey of various milestones. The company is a highly integrated firm with its own leather tanning units, production facilities for Shoes and Apparels in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau and Quebec (Canada). The brand has been at the forefront of product innovation, customer service and adopting green technology, using recyclable materials and reducing its carbon footprint. The company has a passion for the outdoors and embraces responsibility to preserve natural resources by planting trees, erecting solar panels, developing sustainable products and encouraging civic action to preserve our planet thereby expressing deep reverence for nature and its commitment to a sustainable future. See more



New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Avatar Singh



Harkirat Singh

Chief Executive Officer