Bengaluru-based pet care startup Woofwoofnow offers online vet consultation, medical record management, a mobile medical dispensary, and pet merchandise.

Basic Information

Sujit and Rosie Paul started Woofwoofnow by launching pet taxi services in Bengaluru with a fleet of company-owned, company-operated vehicles. Currently, the startup operates about 10 hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs as pet taxis in Bengaluru. All a pet owner needs to do is download the Woofwoofnow app and avail of the services, be it health record management, video consultations, or the pet taxi services. The platform also provides owners 24/7 worldwide access to their pet’s health history; these records are accessible from any device. The easy point of access means there’s no need to pay for expensive duplicate tests anymore, and potentially lifesaving health data is never more than a click away. Pet owners can share this information with friends, family, boarders, and veterinarians, making movement with or without their four-legged friends easier than ever. Currently Woofwoofnow’s business model focuses on garnering revenue from pet taxi operations in Bengaluru. It is experimenting with telemedicine and will go commercial in six months, charging for video consultations. Woofwoofnow also charges for online pet health records. See more



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Rosie Paul



Sujit Paul