Xome Life Sciences is an interdisciplinary microbiome research company. The platform is transforming global microbiome research.

Basic Information

Xome Life Sciences are the intersection of the 3 major systems that will transform the future of human health: Animal Microbiome, Plant Microbiome and Human Microbiome. It uses the power of advanced sequencing technology and a superior data analytics platform to generate high-quality data. It then uses this data to lay the grounds for further research and develop proprietary technologies. Some of its services are MyPetsy: give your pets the gift of optimal health. Give them their stool sample so that they can analyse their gut microbiome and give personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations for them to have optimal health. Another offering is Synapse Bioinformatics: Synapse is their flagship bioinformatics service. It provides MDS, NGS, Sequencing Analysis, Structural Bioinformatics Study, Toxicity Study and various other services for business and research projects at the best market price. See more

Legal Name


Xome Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees



Core Team


Piyush Bhanu


Feb | Accelerator / Incubator Program
We got incubated into Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre, India's leading biotech incubation.
Jul | Company Incorporation
Our incorporation was primarily focused on pioneering life science research in India.
Aug | Awards
We received a NIDHI-PRAYAS grant from DST, India to develop a POC for a novel food intolerance kits for doctors.

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Target Market


We are partnering with different diagnostic, FMCG and consumer companies to market our products.

Client Segment


AgriTech, BioTech/BioPharmaceutical

Target Companies


Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise

Target Geography


India, Global


Some of our products focus on pet owners and nuclear families.

User Age


26 to 34, 35 to 45

User Income


Lower-middle Income, High Income