YesGuruJi is a professional attempt with an extremely diverse, experienced and versatile team of experts, come together to exploit technology to provide quality education for all at their doorsteps. See more

Basic Information

YesGuruJi is an online educational platform providing engaging lectures in Hindi. The platform strives to create an exceptionally high-quality learning environment for every student at his/her doorstep. They firmly believe that, with the innovative harnessing of technology, each student can get access to quality teaching and resources and fulfil his/her potential. However, it does not seek to create an alternative to classroom teaching. Its goal is to supplement and reinforce the classroom teaching with virtual teaching, wherever it is required. Its broad objectives are: education for all at doorstep, innovative use of technology for teaching and learning, smart use of virtual platforms for interactive learning, connecting talented teachers to aspiring students, producing learning material for students etc. See more



New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Bal Krishna Shukla

Co Founder and CEO