Yodaa is a neo bank designed for teens that empowers teen users with their own card and smart money app.

Basic Information

Yodaa is a smart money app that empowers teens by offering a personal card and powerful app to spend, manage expenses, and learn about personal finance. Yodaa has built a Stash account for its users to encourage savings at an early age. Teens can use Stash to set up personal recurring savings plans, and parents have the option to contribute. Using Yodaa's Split Bills function, teen members can split and settle bills easily within the Yodaa network. The Yodaa app is currently available for teens in India on the Apple App Store and Google Play and is being rolled out to the 30000 people who expressed interest by joining its waitlist. The Stash feature in the Yodaa app allows teen members of the community to set up recurring savings plans - individually or with contributions from their parents. Parents can also leverage this feature from their personal Yodaa app, which allows them to top up their teen's card or Stash savings account. Yodaa members also have access to multiple opportunities for social finance within the Yodaa network. They can also chat with other members and send/request money within the chat module. See more



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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41 to 60

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Gaurav Sharma