YuGenie is a social network for social impact.

Basic Information

YuGenie is a social network for social impact. It mobilises people and organisations invested in impact, online. YG is seeking to modernise and digitise the highly fragmented impact industry in India. The platform aims to leverage the power of networking in the impact industry. It is building a global network of Impact industry stakeholders and enabling millennials and gen-Z to discover and directly connect with social organisations and people driving impact on-ground. YG enables social organisations to grow their network of future donors, build brand equity, boost digital visibility and increase access to growth capital. The platform's stakeholders or users include social enterprises, foundations, non-profits, impact influencers, philanthropists, students, activists, government actors, impact content creators, socially responsible companies and CSR corporates. Users connect with each other over common interests in social issues and causes across different verticals. The users set these social causes as their preferences and are subjected to content, people, events, and organisations of their preference. See more

Legal Name


Uniloop Technologies Private Limited



Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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Aashraya Rau

Co-Founder & CEO


Shrenika Rau