These suicide prevention helplines ensure support is just a call away

On World Suicide Prevention Day, we list 10 helplines in India that aim to speak to and help people who feel suicidal.

According to the World Health Organisation, every 40 seconds, one person takes his/her own life around the world. Suicide is also the second leading cause for death among 15-29-year-olds globally.

Every year, September 10 is observed as the World Suicide Prevention Day to raise awareness around the globe that suicide can be prevented.  

According to the World Health Organisation Suicide Rate report, India recorded the most number of deaths by suicide in the world with 220,481 deaths. When it comes to female suicide rates, India stands third after Lesotho and Republic of Korea according to a report.

For women or anyone suffering from mental health disorders or are dealing with difficulties in life, it is important to seek help especially from professionals.

For people who know others that are suicidal, look for signs and be with them as they seek help. Here are a few suicide prevention helplines that are helping people by providing emotional and professional support.

AASRA Suicide Prevention and Counselling NGO

Aasra is a crisis intervention centre for the lonely, distressed, and suicidal. It aims to help, prevent, and manage mental illness by providing voluntary, professional, and essentially confidential care and support to the depressed and the suicidal. The 24 X 7 helpline can be contacted for dealing with emotional crisis, mental illness issues, feelings of helplessness. People who are grieving due to loss of suicide of close ones can also contact the helpline. The organisation also accepts volunteers.

(24x7 Helpline: +91-9820466726)


SAHAI helpline is active from Monday to Saturday between 10 am to 6 pm. It is a Bengaluru based non-profit organisation that takes distressed calls from people who have suicidal thoughts and are unable to deal with their mental health disorders.

(Helpline number: 080 25497777)


Sumaitri is a Delhi-based crisis prevention centre for the depressed and suicidal. People can contact the helpline to seek help and can write to the following email id if they wish to receive email help - feelingsuicidal@sumaitri.netf

On Sumaitri’s website, people can find other necessary information like signs to look out for, etc. to help people who are dealing with feelings of depression or helplessness. 

(Helpline number 011-23389090) 

Lifeline Foundation 

Lifeline Foundation is a voluntary non-profit organisation based in Kolkata. It has been working towards suicide prevention by running free and confidential tele-helplines for callers who may be distressed, depressed or suicidal. It also conducts programmes on mental health awareness to prevent and shatter the stigma around it. 

(Helpline number- 033 24637401/7432) 


Saath is a voluntary organisation, which was started in Ahmedabad and provides support for the depressed and suicidal. People can get one-on-one help, or through a call to the helpline, email or chat. The helpline is active on all days from 1 pm to 7 pm. The email ID is It also provides resources for those affected by suicide, and offers them opportunities to help others in the field of suicide prevention. 

(Helpline number: +91 79 26305544, +91 79 26300222) 

One Life 

OneLife is a not-for-profit helpline to address the suicidal tendencies of people who have given up on life, due to multitude problems. They help people of all age groups to overcome suicidal tendencies through guidance and counselling from their trained counsellors. People wanting help anonymously can write to them at The website provides words of comfort and love for people seeking help.

(24 X 7 Helpline number: 7893078930) 

Vandrevala Foundation 

The foundation provides support and advice to empower all Indians affected by symptoms of mental health. People calling the foundation are helped by trained counsellors. The foundation works to spread awareness, provide access to mental health care, and advocates for better policies. 

(24x7 helpline: 1860 2662 345, 1800 2333 330)


Sneha is a suicide prevention organisation based in India. It offers support to anyone feeling distressed, depressed or suicidal. The helpline is active on all days and people can walk in for help at their office. The foundation also accepts volunteers who are above 20 years of age, living in Chennai and have knowledge of Tamil. 

(24 x 7 helpline: +91 44 24640050) 

The Samaritans Mumbai 

Samaritans Mumbai has been actively working in the field of mental health and striving to support those in need since 1968.  The helpline numbers are active on all days from 3 pm to 9 pm. You can also write to them at You can also walk-in at the centre and talk face-to-face with a volunteer. The organisation also provides a free counselling service for those who want to seek professional help.

(Helpline number: +91 84229 84528   +91 84229 84529 / +91 84229 84530) 

Connecting … NGO 

Connecting NGO is a listening service that works to support people in emotional distress and/or those who are feeling suicidal. They aim to create a safe space where people can talk about their feelings of emotional pain and distress including suicide. The helpline is open from 12 pm to 8 pm on all days. You can write to them at to seek help over email.

(Helpline number: 1800 843 4353/ +91 99220 01122)

So during times of distress help and support is just one call away. Don't forget to seek support and help.

(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)


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