These inspirational quotes from the women at TechSparks will motivate you to start up and live your dreams

TechSparks 2019 brought the best and brightest minds in the Indian startup ecosystem together. HerStory brings to you some inspirational quotes from women who were present at India’s largest startup conference.

The 10th edition of YourStory’s annual extravaganza TechSparks 2019 brought together the who’s who of the Indian startup ecosystem to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. 

Even though the Indian startup ecosystem sees more representation from men, TechSparks brought together a dynamic group of  women founders, investors and VCs like Pooja Khemka, Founder of Myskoolbus, Qualcomm Ventures’ Varsha Tagare, Angela De Giacomo from Bissell Family Office, actor and entrepreneur Taapsee Pannu and many more to celebrate the women in the startup ecosystem.

HerStory brings to you quotes from women at TechSparks 2019 to ignite the spark in you to achieve more in your entrepreneurial journey and life in general. 

“If you don’t see the downside, you will not enjoy the upside. Like the song says, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’, and I have believed in it since my childhood.” - Taapsee Pannu

“Of course, it’s not easy and nobody told me it’s gonna be easy. And that’s the best part of it because today you can brag about it. It’s not gonna be easy, it’s still not easy.” - Taapsee Pannu

“I didn't even know what is the right decision to take or what is wrong. That’s why I have made plenty of mistakes to learn from them. But made sure that I never repeated my mistakes because that’s the only good way to move ahead. It’s gonna be slow, it’s gonna be steady. But it’s gonna be yours.” - Taapsee Pannu

““We might fail, we might succeed, but tomorrow people will at least remember us for trying something new.” - Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu at TechSparks 2019

“Never done it. Have always been a text editor. Will learn it. Most people start somewhere, I am starting in my 30s.” - Pradipta Sarkar

“One critical skill that a good founder and a good team should have is building relationships.” - Angela De Giacomo, Investment Manager, Bissell Family Office


“Startups are more about execution, fast execution and experiments. How fast you can experiment and turn it into a good, workable thing” - Priyanshi Choubey, Co-founder, Instacar


“Birds cannot fly if they just have one wing. In the same way, women and men have to work together to reach some goals.” - Pooja Khemka, CEO & Co-founder, Myskoolbus


“Opportunities might come to us, we might go to opportunities. The thing is we shouldn’t miss any opportunities. Be bold for any opportunities and grab it.” - Karthika Reddy, Co-founder & CEO, Awsome Ecommerce Pvt Ltd


“Even if there is one percent chance to do something, you should always go for it because that one percent can change your life.” - Priyanshi Choubey, Co-founder, Instacar

Sruthi Kannan, Head of Cisco LaunchPad, Swapna Gupta, Senior Investment Manager, Qualcomm Ventures along with Swapan Rajdev, Co-founder & CTO, Haptik and Ranjith Mukundan, CEO & Co-founder, Stellapps Technologies disscuss DeepTech at TechSparks 2019.

 The ABCD approach is where you go back to basics. A is additional value, B is creating barriers to entry, C is customer experience, and D is demand.” - Sruthi Kannan, Head, Cisco LaunchPad


“As an entrepreneur or even at your workplace, you do face failures and I think it’s easier to say that just embrace it and get yourself up and move on. But I think the first step is saying ‘Yes I have failed’,embracing it, learning it and moving on.” - Pragya Misra Mehrishi, Communications Head, WhatsApp


“Ninety-five percent of building and running a startup is a miserable experience. It’s hard work, you constantly face rejection, you are living in fear and that 5 percent of the time when you go face to face with a customer whose so excited with using your product and it all makes it worth it. That’s what we are in it for.” - Arti Sinha, Founder & CEO, Wayu Health


(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)

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