Everyday work and life resolutions for women on the move

However busy your life is, there’s always time to stop and smell the roses. All it takes is the will and some resolutions to help you along the way.

It’s resolution time! Now, now, don’t shake your heads in disbelief. We know there are two more months to ring in the New Year. But is there any cardinal rule that resolutions should only be made at the beginning of the year? No. of course, not! So let’s first get that misconception out of the way. Resolutions, we believe, are more like work in progress; work on them slowly and steadily without feeling the need to shout from the rooftops or proving that you are capable of sticking to them. It’s your life, anyway.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.”

As a multi-tasking woman juggling between work and home, how you deal with the concept of ‘being busy’ also determines the quality of life you need. So make some resolutions from time to time, and do try hard to stick to them. Apart from making you more organised and efficient, some peace of mind is also guaranteed.

Presenting some resolutions for the woman always on the move:

Work is work and family is family, and never should the twain meet.

Easier said than done, but learn, and we mean er… practise to switch off when you get home, at least for a significant period of time. By not carrying your work home, we also mean the mood, however crappy it might have been during the day. It’s not hard to convince yourself to keep your work and home lives separate; it’s imperative. So put your smartphone on silent mode, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself at least 20 times, ‘I have a life outside office hours’. Takes some practice, but not entirely impossible to do.

‘Guilt’ is a state of mind. I won’t get into it.

As a busy woman, you are also juggling guilt of different kinds. Mommy guilt, boss guilt, I-am-eating-too-much-outside guilt, trying-to-do-too-much guilt, so on and so forth… you get the drift, right? You can go to any length to feel guilty but stop right when the first thought occurs to you. You are doing a great job, be proud of it, woman!

Being the good, amiable, and accommodating sort does not work always.

The colleague who sweetly piles on work, making up some excuse or the other? Well, it’s time to politely decline. While ‘helping out’ may be all right once in a while, have the common sense to differentiate between those who really need help and those who take you for granted. Say no like you mean it.

I will explore new vistas. There’s no limit to what I can learn, experience, and assimilate.

Whenever you feel stuck in a rut, take stock of the options that could work for you. Attend workshops, seminars, and hone your skills in new areas. Take up a new hobby or indulge in a long-forgotten passion. Enrol in a course that you’d always wanted to do. Travel to new places and meet new people. You’ll be surprised at how this little diversion in life could work wonders in changing your perceptions and adding that extra zing.

I will invest some time into looking good.

Just because you are a mum juggling a number of roles, it does mean you should look dowdy. Whether you are a woman climbing the corporate ladder or a stay-at-home-mum, look presentable at all times. Have a little beauty regimen to pamper yourself. See the difference it makes to your ego and your attitude.

I will pamper my body, mind, and soul.

You understand your health is very important. So what are you doing about it? Are you eating sensibly and working out regularly? Your annual medical check-ups are as important as your holidays. Indulge at a spa with a gal pal. Read books, watch movies; even mindless TV watching is relaxing at times. And if you are really up to it, meditate for half an hour every day. The stressed-out feeling is sure to decrease over time.

I will learn to be organised.

Coming home to a house full of clutter may want you to tear your hair out in frustration. So organise yourself with little to-do-lists to follow throughout the week. Allocate time for each task and see how uncluttered your mind and life be. All it takes is the will to do it.

I will remember that it’s sometimes okay to put the ‘I’ before the ‘We’.

A little ‘me-time’ is very important to recharge your batteries and feel rejuvenated. If you are swamped at the workplace, take 10 minutes off for a quick walk round the block. Wake up early in the morning and jog on the beach, with just music for company. Curl up in bed with a book and a hot cup of coffee. It’s not selfishness, but ways to keep in tune with your inner self. When you get going, you’ll discover that the possibilities are limitless.

And above all, believe in the age-old maxim, Carpe Diem or seize the day. You have but one life to live your dreams. Happy living life to the fullest!

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)


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