12 Inspiring Scarlett Johansson quotes to help you become a superhero in real life

Actor-singer Scarlett Johansson, popularly known as ScarJo is celebrating her 35th birthday today. HerStory brings to you inspiring quotes by the Black Widow actress on how to fight like an Avenger in real life too.

Starting out very young, Scarlett Johansson first appeared as a child actor on off-Broadway plays. In 1994, she made her film debut with a role in the fantasy-comedy North. By 2003, she was taking up adult roles in movies and plays. She had garnered a lot of attention very early on in her career. Apart from acting, she is a talented singer with two Billboard 200 albums - Anywhere I Lay My Head and Break Up.

Among her numerous accolades are a Tony for Best Featured Actress for her role in A View From The Bridge, which debuted on Broadway and a British Academy Film Award for Lost in Translation. In an era where box office earnings for male actors are burgeoning, Scarlett Johansson’s films have stood out grossing over $14.3 billion worldwide, making her the third-highest-grossing box office star of all time. She also supports various causes like the Time's Up initiative, Soles4Soles, Make Poverty History and many other charities.

Scarlett Johansson of Black Widow fame and many more acclaimed films, celebrates her 35th birthday today and here are some inspiring quotes by the actor-singer.

“I've always been very determined, ever since I was a little girl, to make my way.”

“If you feel glamorous, you definitely look glamorous.”

“I have always... expected a lot from myself.”

“Just because I'm the top-grossing actress of all time does not mean I'm the highest paid. I've had to fight for everything that I have. It's such a fickle and political industry.”

“I'm just a big believer in 'you must love yourself before you can love anybody else,' and I think for me that breeds the most inspired relationships.”

“It is important to remind young people that peace is the only victory.”

“You have to believe that you can act and that you're the right person for the job but I think it's good to not always know how you're going to do it. The fun part is trying to figure it out.”

“It's important not to lose who you are in a relationship just because it's nice to cuddle with somebody.”

“I always feel like I have to prove myself as an actor, otherwise you get lazy if you're not slightly terrified that you're going to fail all the time.”

“Different things work for different people. One thing I've realised, though, is that the work that I've done on myself outside of my work as an actress has really allowed me to open up my mind. I think I understand my emotional state and my complexities now in a much clearer way, and I can put them to rest in a way that there's almost a catharsis that happens through the work, where I can do it and then find myself again.”

(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)


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