Safejob partners with NITI Aayog-powered Women Entrepreneurship Platform to celebrate 'Dhasu Woman'

Centered on the ‘Dhasu Woman’ theme song, the campaign's music video will feature 30 extraordinary women from all walks of life and will be released on March 8.

Fearless women the world over have inspired and continue to empower each other since time immemorial. Over the past decades, this has been a fight for equality. In today’s world, it to be recognised for their individuality rather than being viewed as someone playing supplementary roles in the lives of everyone else.

With International Women’s Day around the corner, Safejob, powered by Safeducate, one of India’s largest training, skilling and consulting firms, has launched its ‘Dhasu Woman’ campaign to celebrate the "awesomeness" that women, together, continue to bring to this world.

Launched in association with the Women Entrepreneurship Platform – a NITI Aayog initiative – the campaign is centred on the upcoming music video for the Dhasu Woman theme song, and invites women from all age groups and walks of life to participate and be a part of the larger movement.

From calling for entries to handpicking 30 unique stories from a sea of equally compelling narratives, the intensive process aims to identify and celebrate women in the country who have not only made a mark but also advanced their field across industries.

Speaking on the concept behind the campaign, Divya Jain, Founder and CEO, Safeducate, said, “We are delighted to partner with NITI Aayog’s Women Entrepreneurship Platform as we work towards our shared objective of identifying and celebrating the various dhasu women who have made an extraordinary impact in their chosen domains. We are committed to conducting the process of distilling the entries down to the 30 most unique stories as diligently as befits this amazing opportunity to commend the incredible work being done by the marvellous women – mothers, thought leaders, industry experts, pioneers, homemakers – around us. The cherry-picked stories will then be woven into the music video that will be released on Women’s Day.”

“There is little that can match the strength and enduring spirits that women have kept alive over time, and this is the overarching theme of our Dhasu Woman campaign as well. Together, we have reached where we are today, and the song serves as a reminder to keep our unwavering determination going. We look forward to the entries and are convinced that they are going to make this music video truly special,” she added.

Inspired by the women of today

A light, carefree song inspired by the women of today, the Dhasu Woman song has been imagined as one that is sung by village women in the form of a story. It aims to celebrate the beautiful women of the world and the power that each one holds within her, even as they battle challenges life throws at them. With a local flavour and a raw, rustic feel, the thought-provoking lyrics and the underlying message of the song are sure to stand out and stay with the listener for a long time.

For the campaign, participants simply have to click a selfie, register their names on and share their picture on the Safeducate website/Facebook page/Instagram page with the hashtag #DhasuWoman. The last date to submit entries is February 20, 2020. The selected entries will be used to create the Dhasu Woman music video, to be released on March 8 across Safeducate’s website and social media pages.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)