Cloudnine Hospitals and Dunzo partner to deliver essential medicines

Cloudnine Hospitals and Dunzo have partnered to deliver essential medicines to pregnant women and newborns at their doorstep.

Cloudnine Group of Hospitals and Dunzo have partnered to provide essential medicines to expecting mothers and their new-borns at the doorstep.

Amidst the extension of the lockdown to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus, the chain of maternity, childcare and fertility care group of hospitals is collaborating with the 24 x 7 delivery platform to ensure no contact and safe and secure delivery of medicines to

Cloudnine patients in Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai and Bengaluru. This move comes after the Union Ministry of Health allowed doorstep delivery of essential medicines. 

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In an attempt to continue to provide essential medical services and facilities to pregnant women and newborns during the lockdown, the hospital also recently launched teleconsultation services allowing patients to consult doctors from their homes via video. In case a doctor medicines, the  patients can book the medicines through the ‘It’s our baby’ app. An automatic message is sent to the Cloudnine pharmacy once the medicines are prescribed. The pharmacy then calls and enquiries with the patients on the medical requirements. Upon confirmation, a payment link is sent to the customer.

Once paid, Dunzo initiates deliveries across cities and ensures patients get the urgent aid they require conveniently.

Speaking about the tie-up Raviganesh Venkataraman, CEO, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals says “Our customer is basically a millennial and they are already accustomed to a digital medium in virtually every aspect of their lives. Technology is something that touches our customer's life and every single aspect of their pregnancy journey – before & after.

In these unprecedented times of COVID 19, while it is extremely essential to stay in touch with the doctor, it is equally important to ensure a continuous supply of medicines. Our collaboration with Dunzo for our customers shall enable people to stay home by ensuring the delivery of the right medicines at the right time at their doorstep”.

Speaking about the collaboration, Kabeer Biswas, CEO & Co-Founder, Dunzo says “During this critical time, it’s important to have access to the right medical supplies and essentials. We at Dunzo believe that this collaboration with the Cloudnine Group of Hospitals is an important step in ensuring the city’s essential and medical needs are met, safely and timely. Our Dunzo partners are continuing to brave the streets, to keep citizens indoors and bring Cloudnine’ s clinical care right to their doorstep.”

Raviganesh Venkataraman adds “We at Cloudnine are committed to the needs and requirements of our customers with a 24* 7 team working continuously for developing innovative ways of delivering the best services. We are listening and understanding your needs and acting on it quickly to ensure a seamless positive customer experience from the start of your Cloudnine journey till the post-delivery phases.” 

Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan