Pearls of wisdom from women investors in the startup ecosystem

Getting the right guidance and perspective from investors power up your businesses. Here are few words from women investors in the ecosystem to begin with.

Every entrepreneur pines for that one chance to meet and win over potential investors with their idea. And sure enough as the right guidance along with capital can help businesses sail for the long haul.

Investors observe market and can bring unique perspective to the business. And as one goes through the rocky entrepreneurial journey, investors play an important role of a wise friend and the biggest critic.

HerStory brings you perspectives of women investors in the startup ecosystem who support entrepreneurs in their personal capacity and through venture capital firms as well.

On entrepreneurship

“It is not for the light-hearted. And it’s not for the rational people either...who like the salary and the comfort. Entrepreneurship sounds glamorous outside...and the success stories you hear are years in making.” - Shruti Gandhi, Founder of Array Ventures

“My philosophy is if you do not dream big, you are not going to get there.” - Shruti Gandhi, Founder of Array Ventures

“For a long time, I thought ambition is a bad word but I started to realise ambition gives you a purpose to and a direction in life.” – Debjani Ghosh, Angel investor and President of NASSCOM

“A good manager knows what seems unimportant today becomes a bigger demon tomorrow.” - Tulsi Swamy, Chief Financial Officer at Prime Venture Partners

“You’re here for the long haul. It’s not a sprint, it is a marathon. You need to stay here to actually reap the benefits of your investments. The commitment timelines are much longer than probably any other space.” - Sushma Kaushik, Partner at Aavishkaar Capital

On inclusivity

“Fundamentally, 50 percent of population in India and the world is women. There cannot be a situation where half the population is not welcome, not respected, and not heard. Workplace should not only recognise but celebrate differences.” - Anjali Bansal, Founder of Avaani Capital

On impact investment

“We are seeing that technology, and more importantly the mobile phone, has become the biggest driver of social impact in India.” - Roopa Kudva, Managing Director of Omidyar network

“When we buy something, we pay a price for it with an expectation that the good or service will deliver something of use. So, does it not make sense that we pay a price for companies that are socially responsible to create a planet that we would like to live in?” - Ritu Verma, Co-founder of Ankur Capital
Edited by Kanishk Singh


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