Pee Safe launches condom for women; plans to increase marketing budget in 2021

Women's hygiene brand Pee Safe's latest product Domina, the condom for women is winning audience with the brand's smart messaging on social media.

Leading hygiene and wellness brand Pee Safe on Monday announced the launch of female condom, Domina, in a bid to “transform the way India perceives contraceptives.” The startup says it is simple to use and can be worn for up to eight hours.

Pee Safe said in a press release that it hopes to challenge stereotypes around contraceptive use among women and address a market that has been non-existent so far.

Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe, said, “Our aim is to not only address this segment but also ensure that we play a part in preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like AIDS. The female population today is aware of their rights, including those related to hygiene and sexual health and internet penetration has further influenced buying behaviour.”

The startup also hopes to raise awareness regarding unplanned pregnancy and safe sex to prevent sexually transmitted diseases in the country. In terms of market scope, it added that the APAC region, driven primarily by India and China, is set to be the fastest-growing market for the female condom, according to Technavio.

The newly launched product caused a stir by taking a dig at men’s condom brand Durex. As Durex posted a creative take on Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit, nudging women to “check before you mate,” Pee Safe hit back with “Prepared not to check, mate,” indicating women can take charge with female condom.  

Pee Safe on Tuesday confirmed its plans to increase its marketing budget by 30 to 40 percent in 2021.

Amid the pandemic, its sister concern Raho Safe distributed free sanitary pads to over 60 inmates of Neemka, District Jail Faridabad as part of #HaqSePERIOD campaign that asserts woman’s right to hygiene and period products. In the next few months, it hopes to provide sanitary napkins to women in the prisons of Rajasthan and Haryana as well.