How EarnKaro is helping women micro-entrepreneurs in Tier II and III cities earn up to Rs 1 lakh per month

EarnKaro from CashKaro is a zero-investment social cashback app that has enabled women across India to earn money via their EarnKaro links.
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Launched in 2019, EarnKaro is a social commerce app by CashKaro that helps homemakers become financially independent just by sharing good shopping deals over social media platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others.

In less than two years, EarnKaro has already registered around two million resellers, majority of which are women, especially from Tier II and III cities, and paid Rs 10+ crore as cashback to app users.

Swati Bhargava, Co-founder, CashKaro and EarnKaro, says, it is a first-of-its-kind zero investment social cashback app that enables savvy online shoppers to earn money whenever anyone shops via their EarnKaro links. They can simply log on to the EarnKaro app and share deals from popular shopping sites like Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, etc. Whenever anyone shops via their link, they earn a certain percentage as profit.

Swati Bhargava - Co-founder of CashKaro and EarnKaro

The entrepreneur also throws light on the findings of the Sixth Economic Census released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) that reveals women constitute to 13.76 percent of the total entrepreneurs in India. While the figure surely shows growth compared to a decade ago, it also showcases how biased the stats are in the entrepreneurship industry.

“EarnKaro offers a win-win situation for every woman in India who wants to be financially independent and have something of her own. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like work at all. Young women have their friend circles from colleges, homemakers have their own local networking groups, and social media influencers, make-up artists and other micro-influencers have their followers to leverage. The greater number of people shop using these links, the more profit our members earn,” she explains.

Easy opportunity

Apart from the platform, EarnKaro also provides end-to-end training sessions to help them leverage this opportunity.

“We started hosting webinars that covers topics ranging from growing audience and increasing profits, to social media marketing and SEO. From helping them copy-paste links to understanding their network better, we ensure that our micro-entrepreneurs are economically as well as technologically independent. Our team conducts multiple calls to provide unfaltering support, sometimes even during odd hours. We currently have several WhatsApp groups for our women micro-entrepreneurs wherein we constantly share deals and offers that interest their networks,” Swati adds.

So far, EarnKaro has generated a whopping Rs 15 crore for its members across Tier I to VI cities of India. Out of all the members earning via EarnKaro, 35 percent are women. Women micro-entrepreneurs at EarnKaro are easily earning up to Rs 25,000 per month working flexible hours from their homes. It also has members who enjoy a larger social media following and influence and are earning a monthly income of Rs 1.5 lakh or more.

Helping women become micro-entrepreneurs

Priyanka Jaiswal, Nidhi Katiyar and Keerty

Priyanka Jaiswal, Keerty, and Nidhi Katiyar are three women who are using CashKaro to become financially independent.

Priyanka, who hails from Kanpur, says she always wanted to start her own business and run it her own way but did not have the finances for it.

“Joining EarnKaro was a life-changing decision for me. EarnKaro rewarded me at all the right times and kept my motivation high in the race of becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, I needed handholding a lot of times and the team was always kind enough to guide me,” she says.

“If you work in the right direction, you can witness your growth from a housewife to a successful entrepreneur in a short span of time. The only requisites are hard work and your belief in yourself. I have earned more than a profit of Rs 1 lakh from EarnKaro in less than two years,” she adds

Keerty is from Thrissur, Kerala, and is an Electronics and Communications engineer. Like Priyanka, she always wanted to start her own business.

“When I found out about YouTube, I realised content writing was my thing. Also, trying out different kinds of makeup has always been my hobby. Ever since I learned about it, I started using its links on my YouTube videos while recommending products. Since I have a large of number of viewers clicking on my links and shopping through them, I automatically earn money,” she explains.

“For instance, I shop on AJIO a lot and I keep sharing those product recommendations with my subscribers on YouTube. With EarnKaro, the only change I’ve made is sharing EarnKaro profit links of my AJIO products instead of normal product links. So every time someone shops on AJIO through those links, I earn a 10 percent profit. If it’s helping and benefitting me, I’m sure others will love it too. I highly recommend it,” she says.

Nidhi Katiyar from Noida has a BTech degree and was working for a software company for six years, but balancing hectic office hours and managing her baby proved to be difficult. She quit her job in 2016 and was looking for something that would offer flexible working hours and an income.

“I had started my YouTube channel in 2015 but was very inconsistent initially. This got solved when I left my job because then I was able to focus more on it. EarnKaro gave me a good push because I realised that I could make money out of my YouTube videos,” she says.

“Like everything else, this is also something that requires patience and constant hard work. It’s not something that you can start earning money out of right from Day 1. I have been able to earn a lot from single videos also and it has just motivated me more to continue doing the same. Basically, I was a YouTuber first but ever since I've started using EarnKaro, I've become an entrepreneur. So far I’ve earned over Rs 52,000 profit from EarnKaro,” she adds.

EarnKaro helps Nidhi earn money by sharing product recommendations from top websites like AJIO and Myntra. One of her Myntra haul videos got so many views, and led to a lot of people shopping from her link.

“It was amazing because that video alone helped me earn around Rs 10,000, which is insane,” she says.

During the initial months of COVID-19, when people in the country were going through immense financial duress, EarnKaro decided to help its women micro-entrepreneurs stay afloat by providing advance confirmations of their profits, even before the expiration of the return period.

“During the lockdown, ecommerce was adversely affected as deliveries were restricted in containment zones. While this impacted our business, it impacted our micro-entrepreneurs even more. To help them scale up during uncertain times, we partnered with online education sites, audiobook subscriptions, gaming websites, OTT platforms, etc. The idea was to help them keep their business going during subsequent lockdowns and focus on online consumption-based categories, as opposed to those that were dependent on deliveries. Furthermore, we invested this time in training our micro-entrepreneurs and introduced Profitshala, a virtual guide, for them,” says Swati.

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