Epic Games’ Unreal Engine launches the first-of-its-kind women creators’ programme

The Women Creators Program by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has already selected 20 women producers and VFX professionals to participate in a four-week virtual training and mentoring programme.

For years now, women are levelling the playing field when it comes to gaming. In fact, women gaming experts — from creators, designers, to entrepreneurs — are busy changing mindsets and breaking stereotypes.

But more needs to be done to attract women to this creative and lucrative field. In what can be called a fillip to the Indian gaming industry — for women in particular — Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time 3D tool, has announced ‘The Women Creators Program’.

Twenty of India’s talented women producers and VFX professionals have been selected to participate in a four-week long virtual training and mentoring programme. The participants will be mentored by former Unreal Fellowship graduates along with Unreal Engine evangelists. The programme aims to inspire and train women creators and form a community of creators.

Sameer Pitalwalla, Business Director - India/SEA, Epic Games, said, “The VFX industry is at a dynamic stage in India right now. We are thrilled to introduce this immersive training programme for women creators, storytellers, producers, VFX, and animation professionals to equip them with the power of technology that Unreal Engine can provide to them in taking their game up in the profession. We hope the participants have an enriching training experience.”

The programme includes reputed evangelists and women mentors like Vani Balgam, Creative Producer, Dancing Atoms; Charuvi Agarwal, Founder and Director, CDL; Marta Ampudia Dalmau; Arvind Neelakantan, Tech Evangelist at Epic Games; Dean Reinhard, Technical Account Manager at Epic Games; Jack Condon, Evangelist at Epic Games; Karan Parikh, Founder, Green Rain Studios and Unreal Authorized Instructor Partner for Epic Games.

The selected women will undergo workshop training that will cover relevant VFX themes such as animation and DCC workflows, world-building and terrain tools, lighting and post-processing, material editor, sequence, live link, and blueprints.

Unreal Engine has been at the forefront of virtual production since the first workflows began to emerge. Today, virtual production can influence every aspect of the production pipeline. It is ushering in a new era of storytelling, from high-quality preview to virtual production, to in-camera visual effects that take the post out of production.

Whether working on episodic animation, live-action blockbusters, or short-form content, real-time workflows radically transform established pipelines and deliver renewed creative control.

Unreal Engine can be of great advantage to film-making professionals such as directors, cinematographers, set designers, VFX artists, and others working in film and TV production.

(The 20 women selected as part of the programme are Neha Hooda, Bharti Krishna Harale, Parul Wadhwa, Rutul Patel, Ananya Srivastava, Gautami Vegiraju, Hina Saiyada, Priyal Jain, Pragti Wadhwa, Rauli Singh, Rinki Verma, Shilpa Mehta, Richa Bhutani, Mitra Nitin Patil, Natalie Anne, Millar Jadhav, Rounak Magoo, Nida Arshia, Gayatri Rao, Ria Banerjee, and Pratima Pal.)


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