This 14-year-old student has designed safety kits for women and children and has made sales worth Rs 60K in a month

Safely Nomadic, started by Simran Singh in February 2021, offers essential kits for women and children.

Simran Singh, a 14-year-old student from The Shri Ram School, Delhi, often noticed that whenever her parents had to travel on work or leisure, they would make long lists of health and safety essentials to take along.

“To source these, they often had to visit a number of stores prior to travelling and sometimes still end up without many essentials. Some products purchased on a whim would turn out to be unnecessary and become a useless weight on their shoulders,” she says.

To help families face this recurring predicament and remove it altogether, Simran founded Safely Nomadic in February 2021. The company offers a kit that contains items that she says would “protect one from all sorts of dangers one would face during their travel journeys”.

“After brainstorming with my peers and mentors at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), and some angel investment from her parents, I converted my thoughts and dreams into tangible products,” she says.

Essentials on the go

Safely Nomadic kit for women

There are two kits in the Safely Nomadic product line – one for children and the other for women. Each contains some basic essentials such as common medications, face masks, sanitisers, travel tissues, face wipes, toilet seat covers, paper soaps, chewing gum, band-aids, cotton balls, and antiseptic, among others.

The women’s kit also contains items centralised and specific to their needs such as sanitary pads, PeeBuddy’s disposable urination funnel, a pepper spray, and safety alarm.

Through a series of interviews and surveys conducted for a successful market research and to assess the requirements of the customer base, Simran found out that one of the paramount and universal problems that most children needed ‘protection’ from while travelling, is - boredom!

“As far as 85 percent of parents interviewed expressed that apart from common items of health and protection, one aspect that would place the children’s Safely Nomadic kits on top would be a means of engagement and escape from boredom,” she says.

Hence, the kids’ kit also contains certain trinkets and titbits for recreation such as a specially designed activity booklet, origami papers, sketch-pens, and a Dairy Milk Chocolate as a small treat for a child’s sweet tooth.

The most prominent differentiator of this product is that it can be customised. Furthermore, one does not need to buy an entire Safely Nomadic kit to enjoy only a few of its components. The customer is given the option to contact Simran and; therefore, can customise the type of kit they want with the price being altered accordingly.

“The cost of the standard Women’s and Children’s kit is Rs 2,800 and Rs 2,000, respectively, with a revenue or profit set at a constant of Rs 300 per unit sold (even customised ones). The customers can order their kits from WhatsApp, or through the company’s official Instagram account, the contacts given in the description or via email,” Simran adds.

Within 15 days of launch, Simran sold 26 kits with a profit of Rs 7,800. As the domestic travels within India grows manifold each year, with a jump of 15.23 million citizens in a decade, Simran believes the market size for the company is humungous and this has led to good initial traction with more orders coming in.

With the huge scope of scalability in this area, Simran plans on selling 300 kits in the first year in local pharmacies as well as through online channels within Gurugram and Delhi. In the second year, she plans to add a family kit to the existing product line and expand sales across the nation through services like Delhivery and WeFast.

Once the pandemic eases, the young entrepreneur wants to set up stalls in fairs and functions in her school. By year three, she is looking at registering Safely Nomadic kits on Amazon and Flipkart by year three with another product addition - the ‘Elderly Kit’.

Edited by Megha Reddy


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