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Content & Marketeer at 1THING

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We are hiring for our knowledge brand: Monochrome: whose mission is to empower India with UX-Q.

Job Description

We launched Monochrome 5 months ago and have been pretty active in moving India forward with:

. Weekly Newsletters to Designers 

. Weekly Newsletters to Founders & CXOs 

. UX School on Medium 

. AMAs with India's Top Design Talent

As the Content & Marketeer at 1THING, we are looking for the following: 

. Someone who wants to understand 1THING 

. Someone who writes naturally 

. Someone who is interested in design 

. Someone who can use words to inspire as well as influence 

. Someone who understands that there is a difference between Newsletters, Blogs, Social Media, Course etc writings 

. Someone who can create videos and gifs 

. Someone who can do video and audio podcasts 

. Someone who thinks, gets excited about the idea, discusses & improves it and when he/she writes: everyone wants to read 

. Someone who can make sense of this crazy world of startups 

. Someone who can be up to date with the trends in design & startups 

. Also, Someone who knows how to build readership from zero 

. Also, Someone who can drive traffic to the website 

. Also, Someone who can sell without selling 

. Also, Someone who can build, interact and engage with the audience 

. Also, Someone who wants to be a rollercoaster which only goes up

and of course, 

. Someone who is just so fun to work with.

Perks of working with 1THING:

. We are redesigning the way people are going to work in the future. I am sure you want to be part of it when it happens 

. We are flat hierarchy company; meaning we are open; meaning your crazy ideas will be entertained and you will have the freedom to experiment, learn and make mistakes

Look forward to meeting you.

Varun Gandhi 


About the company

Startups & Businesses use 1THING to hire remote design teams for all things design.

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