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We are looking for young, ambitious and fire-in-the-belly professionals in the domains of sales and business development. The goal is to establish Synconext as a leader to executives within direct customer, prospects and all other influencers in growing the direct partners. Successful candidates have to demonstrate that they are self-driven, goal oriented and who can set their own benchmarks. The successful candidate will be involved in activities like Sales and Business Development with a specific focus on revenue growth. This position is ideal for candidates who are looking to work in an exciting and challenging role with fantastic career growth opportunity.

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At Synconext, the Internet of Things has many more surprises in store, all of them designed to enable the businesses of tomorrow achieve better efficiencies. Synconext with its Next technology has embraced this philosophy, body, soul and mind. Our innovations in next generation building management systems drive employee productivity, apart from saving 85% on your energy bills. Synconext sensors and wireless networking provides for a scalable infrastructure to help you keep pace with constant technology innovations. Thanks to the Internet of Things, Synconext connected systems transforms into a digital superhighway. It doubles as a distributed data communications network, providing you with rich data that can help you achieve building efficiencies and economies like never before. This rich data translates into better productivity, space allocation, power saving, and a host of other benefits, as it is scalable and ready for future technology leaps... because at Synconext, The Internet of Things is all about making buildings better places to work in.

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