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Our journey as couple-preneurs, how we met & how love is our greatest strength

Finding each other, finding Codewave and giving back together as one

Finding the one

Abhijith and I met each other at an unusually transformative phase in our lives. Early 2013, I was living with my parents in my hometown Trichy, healing from a knee surgery and a breakup. Abhijith was a co-worker, quitting his job to figure out what he wanted to do in life. I felt I was idle at the peak of my career, having done some really diverse roles and timing it with the right management studies. Abhijith's world on the contrast was filled with music, PS3, holidays and a lot of inertia; he was totally comfortable doing nothing. 

I’d text him saying “my hands are itching to work” and send him business books. He’d calmly say “hushsh… just relax and focus on feeling better, give mom some company”.  

We couldn’t predict the turn of events, all we knew was that I needed his inertia, to heal at all levels and he needed my restlessness, to find his calling and go after it. I needed to learn to delve in the moment, he needed to learn to make the most of it.

Getting married against all odds

I moved to Bangalore to get back to work, and met Abhi at his home office. He had everything to run a company. Endless patience and empathy for everyone. I had everything to protect it. Sharp words and intolerance to selfishness. We realized that we were perfect for each other, our souls felt so familiar and calm in each other’s presence and we felt we could fix anything together. 

Abhi’s mother was being diagnosed with cancer and he was realizing he is going to soon need someone to help him handle situations both at home and business. He would seem worried on the calls, unable to see his mother in pain. I’d tell him to minus the emotions, do what is required to respond to the situation and leave the rest. He felt if there was someone who could fix it all up, it had to be me.

Something was pushing both of us, to take a step forward and come together for a larger good. Marriage felt right not just for ourselves or the business, also for our families and people connected to us in some way.

Being elder to Abhijith by 4 years, convincing our families about why we felt 'this felt right' wasn't easy. Inspite of all the odds, our marriage happened and it happened in the most minimalistic way (no frills). We got back to work, the next day. For sometime I got to take care of Abhi's mother while he handled the business. His mom passed away few months later, maybe we were meant to spend time with her, in her last few months braving the treatment.


Love, our greatest strength

Entrepreneurship is not an easy path. It's extremely demanding, it pushes you live every moment intensely, tests your limits and makes you put everything you've got, into everything you do. Our source of love, always has been our togetherness, holding hands and facing adversities with courage. 

Being with each other, taught us to live without any fear of suffering. We realized a lot of people needed us, to gain resilience and find peace. There was a reason for us to be. 

There are a lot of relationships, that are suffering because of ego. Ours was a relationship, that made us shed our egos and feel comfortable exposing our vulnerabilities with each other. We were clear about the strengths we both were bringing to the table, we would respect for each other's presence and contributions at work and at home. Inspired from our marriage, we made 'Humility and Honesty' one of our core values.

Love is and will always be our greatest strength, giving us the force to endure life's highs and lows, reminding us that we're just an instrument, nudging people to be their greatest selves.

A beautiful journey life is, and continues to be. It has its own ways of bringing you back home, to your other half, pushing you to live every moment in connection with your highest self, tapping your fullest potential to give and open hearts of others.


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