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Snacks delivery to an event management company

It is all about standing by your dreams and passion, Your Happiness is your success

While I was in my second year of post graduation, Back in 2015, in Mumbai all alone (Where i went for studies from Delhi), I realized my passion of cooking as well as my need and love for socializing as i was away from family. I randomly called kids, youngsters , Aunties of the society over mid day meals and snacks. They relished, appreciated and encouraged me to start a small snacks joint of my own. Then I started not with a thought of being an entrepreneur but only with that interest and passion in mind. The capital I used was as low as a part of my pocket money. I started with retail operations on weekends with 24 hrs delivery of food. Weekends became hell and it was too difficult to manage retail operations. The plan had to be revised and it was then,when we started entertaining only pre booked orders for birthdays, house Warming parties, small corporate parties and other events with a gathering of not too z

Initially Hiring manpower was a constraint, Managing waste reduction was a problem, training hired unskilled staff was again a pain and took a lot of hours of life. There were times when I almost crashed in agony but the time didn't stay for long. The business picked up, I started getting orders through reference and 'Zomato' and that small setup was running smoothly. And yes guys, the name of my food startup was FLYING FRIES. Before I could think of expanding, my studies came to an end and I planned to shift to Delhi with the thought of doing the same business since there was no point of staying away from home, working alone day and night, incurring extra expenses (The opportunity cost was high). 

Coming back to Delhi, After 2 months of planning I started with the business again, took little time to get in the new market all together but gradually it again picked up as people loved the taste and also the quality of the food being homemade and fresh. And then it took a leap when I met a Caterer who was into indian cuisine and in search of Someone who could take care of Italian, Continental and mexican Food segment. After doing certain events in partnership with them I came to know how complete outdoor catering is done and events are conducted. Then I turned my food venture into a full fledged event management company with a vision of providing best hospitality with personal touch and at the same time professionalism to its clients. Now we have a team of experienced, Creative and competitive professionals. Be it Birthday parties, House Warming parties, Baby shower, Ceremonial/pre ceremonial events, Festive celebrations, Gala nights and Destination Weddings; we look after the entire event right from generating the concept to Venue selection , Food , Decor, Music, Games, Attire and Make over. 

So now, the company is named as SOCIAL SQUAD, one stop shop for all your celebrations!!

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