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Uniting Across Borders

Volunteer based organization, Robin Hood Army, wages war across borders against the common enemy:hunger. 

This Independence Day, India and Pakistan come together to wage war against their common enemy, hunger. There are about 23million people who do not have even 2 square meals a day. The Robin Hood Army plans to change that.

The Robins, as they so proudly call themselves, of India and Pakistan will feed 500,000 people across borders on their Independence Days , thereby uniting the two nations towards a singular cause.

The volunteer based organisation, RHA was started by Neel Ghose and Anand Sinha, and is spread across 26 cities in India, with chapters in Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, and Australia.

The idea behind formation of the RHA was to create self-sustaining group of individuals within a community, who would take care of the less fortunate citizens around them, in ways feasible.

Enthusiastic volunteers from Schools, colleges and young professionals, join hands each Sunday, to collect food from restaurants,that otherwise would goto waste, and distribute it among the needy. This Independence Day, however, they aim to reach a greater section of the society.

Shashank Shekhar, a Doctor by profession and a volunteer with RHA Greater Noida says, "We normally feed 500-800 people each Sunday, with food coming in from our restaurant partners and our respective societies. For this super-drive of Mission500K, our chapter, spearheaded by Chetan Mehta and Apurva Sinha, aims to feed 10,000 poor people across slums in Greater Noida. We have been fortunate to have got food donations in paramount quantities from the ladies of ATS society and a very generous owner of Simply South restaurant in Greater Noida. We never imagined such love and support being bestowed on us. It just shows that people are amazing, and they truly care; all we need is to get through to them. We have identified many places like Railway Stations, slums, old age homes, and orphanages, where we will be feeding the needy."

Shanker Srinivasan, owner of Simply South restaurant, when asked about Mission500K said, "I have been a part of various food drives through different organisations, but what attracted me towards RHA was their no-monetary policy. They are a young group of people with a simple idea which is to feed the needy. We have surplus food which otherwise goes to waste, and what better way than to help those who truly are in need."

With their energy levels at an all time high, this group of youngsters is all set to take the country by storm. All they require is your time on any Sunday to help feed the hungry citizen.

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