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Best Selling Magento 2 Marketplace Extensions


According to Business Insider, eCommerce sales have recorded a consecutive two year high. During Q2 2016, eCommerce sales in US alone clocked $97 Billion (Source: US Department of Commerce).

Search for the phrase ‘Magento 2 Marketplace extensions’ and you will get 27,80,100 search results. Now, imagine how in the world will you be able to find the best ones amidst these ever scrolling results to build your own online store?

Fret not. You don’t have to read through the fine print of these tens of thousands of Magento 2 Marketplace extensions. Here a handful of options that very well deserve the title “Best Magento 2 marketplace extension”.

Know them in detail. Match your preferences & get going building your online store in minutes.


1. Apphitect Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

Apphitect Magento 2 marketplace extension is a formidable package of Magento efficacy, engaging UI, complete admin control and sales pushing features. Apphitect is designed as a self-launchable Magento multi-vendor extension.

Offered features include:

    => Seller Dashboard

   => Multiple product types

    => Custom theme

    => Admin Dashboard

    => Order management

    => Flexible commission

   => Multi-lingual compatibility

   => Multiple-currency support

  => 3rd party integrations

2. Magenest Multiple Vendors

Magenest Multiple Vendors is a Magneto 2 marketplace theme is a quick and fuss-free way to build a complete multi-vendor online store that can connect diverse vendors to customers. The extension offers some neat features that can help store owners and admins to streamline operations for maximum profitability.

Offered features include:

    => Vendor, seller & customer management

    => Product portfolios

    => Flexi commission management

    => Product dashboards

    => Order history

3. Apptha Magento 2 Marketplace Theme

Apptha is a noted destination for all varieties of eCommerce extensions. The Magento 2 marketplace theme is yet another splendid offering from the extension hub that can bring any kind of online store with minimal effort and time.

Offered features include:

    => Social logins

    => Admin dashboard

    => Analytic reports

    => 100% customizable script

    => SEO friendliness

    => Payment management

    => Easy commission calculations

4. Webkul Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module

Webkul’s Magento 2 marketplace template can convert your existing Magento store into a full-fledged multi-vendor store that can compete with eCommerce giants in terms of global selling, collections, customer servicing and even feedback collection.

Offered features include:

    => 100% customizable open source code

    => Advanced reports

    => Commission management

    => Order management

    => SEO management

5. Unirgy uMarketplace Suite

Unirgy’s Magento 2 based uMarketplace Suite brings the power and facility of a multi-vendor online store complete with vendor, product and order management. The integrated workflow makes it easy to check out products from multiple vendors in a single window.

Offered features include:

    => Single checkout for products from multiple products

    => Flexible workflow for product catalog and order management

    => Easy-to-use vendor portal

    => Shipment notification to customers

    => Default shipping rates based on location

    => PayPal or Google checkout

6. MageArray Multi Vendor Marketplace

MageArray’s Magento 2 marketplace extension is decked with several features integral to build a complete online store where vendors can list products to be sold to a global customer base. The extension offers setting up clear and separate commission rates for each seller.

Offered features include:

    => Marketplace URL with all Sellers/Vendors.

    => Option for customer to become seller

    => Ajax check for Seller/Vendor shop url.

    => Admin moderation for new customers/vendors

    => Vendors can create products from front-end

7. CEDCommerce Magento 2 Marketplace Platinum Package

CEDCommerce’s Magento 2 marketplace extension comes with additional product add ons that can turn your online store into a crowd pulling online mega mall where vendors with several product offerings can present their offerings in a neat and ambient manner.

Offered features include:

    => Order management

    => Invoice creation

    => Commission moderation

    => Vendor rating

    => Social logins

    => 6 product types

    => Multiple shipping options

    => Custom product attributes

Planning to buy Magneto 2 marketplace extension? These options would have definitely given you a brief idea of what you can expect from a reliable Magento 2 marketplace extension. Make your pick and step into the industry to mint some dollars.


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