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    17th May 2016
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    Mohneesh Bhardwaj at Manali

    Mohneesh Bhardwaj at Manali

    How I managed to fulfil my dreams :

    I belong to a modest class family from a small town Bisauli, district Budaun. My school was 25km away from my house and I used to go to school by bus daily which took around half an hour to reach. From my childhood I had big dreams in my eyes, stories of Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani,Steve Jobs always attracted me a lot. And like every student in 10th standard I wanted to clear IIT exam and told my father that I want to go to Delhi for IIT coaching, Being a topper of my class till 10th standard my father believed in me and took me to Delhi for IIT coaching. I managed to get admission in FIITJEE 2 year regular programme in Hauz Khas, Delhi. The FIITJEE classes used to held at LPS ( Laxman Public School) Delhi. LPS is one of the best school in South Delhi and very much expensive, especially the Hostel fee is Rs.25,000/month which is very much for a medim class family like mine, but still my father was ready to provide me hostel since he was afraid that where I will live outside, how will i travel in the chaos of Delhi roads & admitted me in the LPS hostel.

    First time I could see the tears in my fathers’ eyes when he left me in the hostel , more specifically First time I saw a man crying.

    I was full of passion towards studies and very much determined to clear IIT and spent about a month in hostel and school only studying & studying.

    But in the environment where everybody is from higher class families, there are very less people who even think of studying and even i started enjoying joining them.

    And day by day i started degraded myself and at the end of 2 years, I end up with nothing, just an avg marks in 12th boards. No IIT, No NIT nothing even taking admission in an avg private college was a big deal for me.

    Struggle :

    So I decided to drop a year and go to Kota for the coaching again, my whole family was against me but my father believed in me and sent me to kota to take coachings again.

    Life in kota is totally different from Delhi & what i was used to get in Delhi which resulted into a major missing of home and I wept like a kid few days there.

    But till then I have realised what i have missed in those 2 years, and started working hard, I used to study there day and night, my room’s whole wall was full of quotes to motivate me while studying, I removed my bed so that I could sleep less, started talking at home less so that I can spend more time on studying but even after so much hardship it was too difficult for me to cope up the whole syllabus of 2 years in a year with spending 8 hours in coaching. I remember I used to go to my coaching class at 6am in the morning and back at 3 pm in the noon.

    I used to wipe my face with wet hankey again and again just to keep myself awake at nights for studying.

    Dreams :

    I had some big dreams of studying in a good college but after a year in Kota my exam didn’t go well and I end up in getting a modest ranking but again i was not capable of getting a good govt college.

    I remember those were the some of the most tensed days of my life, thinking of college day & night, all the money spent in studying etc and these are the reasons why a student suicides in Kota.

    Then after some hustling, I managed to get admission in a good college i.e DIT-University Dehradun.

    Unlike my school days, I knew what is the value of studying and focused in studying since first day of my class & topped all my semester exams.

    From my school days I always wanted to do something of my own, and therefore startups attracted me.

    Entrepreneurship is the thing which attracted me the most, I always wanted to do something on my own and reading about startups and success stories on yourstory worked like fuel in fire, and then TVF pitchers also acted as the best source of motivation for me.

    In Summer Vacations (June-2015) while leaving for home from my college hostel after first year i noticed that every student leaves kgs of scrap in their hostel rooms ( which includes newspapers/old books/used registers and other scrap) which is after then sold by hostels authorities, then i thought "why trash it, when we can cash it" and then when i further reserached in this i noticed that . After surveying I found that it is not only students’ problem but most of the people in the society faces problems while selling their scraps and e-wastes i.e Inconvenient or non-existent scrap selling options,Inconsistency in / Fraudulent weight ,Low scrap price etc. On the other hand the scavengers/scrap collectors also faces many problems while buying scraps like Strenuous search of scrap materials , Unorganized and many level of buying and selling from original sellers to final buyers , Low amounts of buy etc.

    Therefore I decided to organise the scrap market in our country & started scrap management startup, 8 months ago in my 2nd year of

    Scrap management is the thing which is still need to be developed in our country. There was not a solution to sell scrap as well as e-wastes at the single platform.In my summer vacations( June-2015), i decided to work on my idea/startup, at that time many ideas were circulating in my mind.

    With e-commerce evolving buying an electronic gadget is only a click away, but no solution for the disposal, so I decided to start to provide a platform where people can sell all their house hold scrap materials ( Newspapers , Plastics , Furniture as well as their e-wastes , mobiles / laptops / tablets etc by just submitting a request form or via phone-call/whatsapp at the best price in the market.

    Then i talked about the idea among my friends and decided to name it, which is catchy as well as depicting its work perfectly.

    but then the next step was and the most difficult one was to find a co-founder which has same level of interest as you and can work with you with full enthusiasm. I think finding a cofounder who can see the same opportunity in the startup as you is the most difficult one, in the starting some showed interest but they were not that much interested which was needed and as the saying goes, "One Person with passion is better than forty people merely interested".

    Meanwhile i used to discuss my idea among my friends, i asked many to work on it but according to most of them , working on is a very low level work and they thought that people will laugh on them.But even due to so many rejections to join it, i was determined to work on the same idea and then finally after 2 months while discussing my idea with my classmate and a good friend,Ashish yadav, I found a co-founder which was needed with the same level of interest and then the next hurdle was to collect information about the scrap vendors all over the city, since we didn’t have any vehicle so we had to walk 6-7 km a day to collect information in each society but still we enjoyed this because every Entrepreneur knows that with time, the hardtime gets easy but still due to so much exhaustion we never lost our enthusiasm and passion, our long sightedness and passion to do something keeps us motivated.

    Achievements :

    In few months of its launch, It is a traction of more than 20,000 unique visitors on the website with around 1500 registered users.

    Receving requests from 10 cities to start our services. And It has been published in various news and articles like YourStory, thebetterindia etc

    I got recognition from EO-GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneur Awards) at IIT-Chennai, Best startup from Student achievement Society of our University and a regular speaker at Entrepreneurial workshops.

    Now when I look back my journey, I feel that one should never feel down in their lives, you never know what it has for you 

    Advice :

    " The only thing which stops you from achieving something is only YOU" , I love this quote.

    What i noticed most is the people have very good ideas, passion to do something but still they are struck somewhere in themselves and make reasons why they can't do something and that differentiates one from being an entrepreneur, they are Wantpreneurs.

    If you have a dream, a idea then go just make a first step, you dont need to have a last mile planning to do a startup, just make a first step and then sort out all the problems step by step and thats how a startup works.


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