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Overcoming With New

After Demonetization, This is 1st Cashless Profitable Transaction of Vegetable Procurement and No Foul play by Middleman. 

Kali Devi and Vimla Devi after Trading with Bank Cheques [Cashless Transaction] 

After assembling my multiple professional experiences, I can say that Bihar, One of the most under growing vegetable markets for North-East section of India. Quality, Grading and Size wise it is unpaired. As we know Bihar most underprivileged, socio-economically backward and psychologically most violence minded place.

From 2015 to 2016, I was involved with an organization and worked as a Rural Manager, and overlooked two projects on Linkages. Actually, my specialization is Development communication. As a communication expert I handled project implementation, link aging with buyers, Meeting and Training with Farmers and all that. Not only that but also successfully we, put there, a marketing mechanism plan of 'Cashless transaction' with direct buyers and killed all middleman concepts from a particular cluster with the support of one Producer Organization, on a pilot testing mode.

Chamunda Producer Organization Situated on the bank of Gandak River, With 30 Female members. Where Their source of income is Vegetable farming. They all are Vegetable growers. After visiting this place, we continue involved with them to understand the supply chain, from 3.00am [Plucking] to 3.00pm [procurement]. Visited there local Mandis and also state level Mandis to composed a strong trusty network for direct marketing linkages.

After completing all primary surveys, we conducted some training with them regarding Entrepreneurship, Packaging and Logistic, hygienic procurement, financial accounting, communication and Information gathering skills. Trend them to start some small business collectively, they also realized how impactful it is. I just made a sheet for them with a simple calculation and show them, the profitable Path and cost breaking points and intended how all middlemen made them mindless. Also instructed them to hire male from Village,  who, devotedly hold women members initiative for marketing and all hard works on fixed incentive basis of 300/-, but only When they send their product to out of stations or other states. This was purely a paid voluntary post.

After 4 profitable transactions, we just made an alternative business model for them. Where PG just gave a platform to local farmers and buyers, to reduce other costs and time of all women farmers. Local farmers affix their rates and buyers taken up the produced with hygienic and systematic procurement manners. The function of PG was only facilitation and per consumer, PG was charged a minimum amount of 6% commission [of Profit] as a facilitation fees from buyers [3%] and farmers [3%]. Another objective was to create a local grass root level Mandi in every cluster. 

Alternative Business operational Model 

Now Chamunda PG members Redouble their profit by using two different models. Sometimes they send their bulk product at outer state market and equally operate the Alternet model also. With it, they have well known about Book Keeping, Record maintaining, and Cashless non-corrupted transactions. This is a rear success story of all Women farmers of Chamunda PG, Bihar. 


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