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live love laugh, let go give it a second chance!

Are you putting up any parts of your life on hold?  Do  you know how to discover your relationship with life?  Discover the change!

Homo sapiens are wily creatures, mastered the ability to use and throw, whether it is shoes, sandals, cups, plates or people. People are actually fickle minded. You really cannot blame zodiac for this. We have the tendency to always go on this search for something more or something better. In the crude language, I would say that we are greedy and gluttonous and in the sophisticated language, it is all about exploring options.

What? It is better to change with the change before that change becomes a mental harassment whether you love it or not that’s not important but change is more important to this world.

Remember the last conversation you had. You told a friend that you will call him/her, you told that you will reply back, meet, take care of them, any hollow promise you made & you didn’t keep it, just that one time. But it wasn’t that one time, was it? Now that you think about it, that’s not first time you have ditched someone(here), and it’s not like you haven’t been ditched by someone either. So ya, we have become mere emoticons, who mean so much yet they mean nothing. Our words have lost any gravity they used to hold and emotions change like a flickering candle flame.

Some of us are insanely intelligent and some aren’t, but that doesn’t make the latter less of a human, does it? So what if thy neighbor has an exorbitant car in his/her garage & your one has no market value, it is still going to help you to reach the destination. Ask yourself if you bought the car for your travel’s sake or to compete with your neighbor??? Surprisingly many people would say the latter too.


I won’t be a hypocrite & won’t even say that I am all perfect to what I am writing about. I am fickle minded, but when I know that it is ‘the’ chance or ‘the’ person, I hop on to the caravan of life, not worrying about what is going to happen next.

Try to give your life a second chance, try giving love, trust another (not blindly), love another as it’s feeling is ubiquitous. Sit down with somebody who is in a long distance relationship & they will have perfectly detailed stories to tell about some fun and cute moments they had shared with their better half the last time they were together. Right from the color of the sky to minute details of how the partner had worn their hair that day, they will tell you everything. These things do make you realize how much we value the moments that we share with people whom we don’t meet often.

Our mind is beholden to a capricious world. Too much photographed or I would say ridiculously photographed and filtered lives sometimes stopped us from making real memories or connections. We aren’t making memories anymore. The photographs that are taken by the smartphones show only the mood of the moment and is forgotten within in a short period of time. This might offend some of my dear friends, but truth is always truth, odorless, colorless, tasteless truth. If it is bitter or sweet, dark or light, scented or pungent; then it’s flavor color or smell is your own doing.

It’s perfectly human to have one’s own opinions. Everyone is a different person, something which might seem completely frivolous to one, may hold a significant place in another’s life. Sharing of human virtues makes us superior than animals otherwise people with selfish motives in life are better than savage beasts.Always be yourself, revitalize your notions,invigorate your apprehensions,but don’t pretend to be someone you are not.The problem is that by the time we realize the worth of something or someone, most of the time we have already lost it. But if you do get a second chance take it, may be…….??