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Good Job to Start-Up

I will persist until i succeed!!

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same."-- Colin R. Davis

In a life cycle, we begin with primary education to graduation and sometimes post-graduation to get a good job. A good job has many titles like as per our family/society, you have to be in a Big Firm with decent pay.

In order to get into good job-we struggle a lot and once we have that job in hand, we go frustrated in long run.

Why does a good job frustrate us?

Why can’t we enjoy working in Good-job? Or

What is the meaning of so-called “Good-job”?

Well, we all are blessed with special talent and we know what we are good at. But the real problem lies with taking Risk.

We all want to be in comfort zone because after struggling for a good job through a long run, we don’t want to struggle more and settle up with that.

Like everyone else- I worked hard to get into a good MNC and when I did it, the story began. Initially, it was tough as we meet new people, get introduced to new technology etc. Unlike our colleges, the people we meet in corporate are bit selfish and we can’t actually rely on them. I am not denying the fact that, there are good people but very few. After getting along with people & hands-on technology, I became comfortable with it.

Now 2nd inning started with a “START-UP”

Whenever there’s a decision that needs to be made, the first thing we ask ourselves is, ‘When does this decision need to be made?

I believe there's dependably a thought in our mind, yet we need to enable the film to take its own particular course.

START-UP” is basically an idea, for which we hire people, set up processes, assign responsibilities etc.

It is such a new experience where we make mistakes and learn.

Every day is a new challenge filled with excitement.

We will be driving a new car with learners permit.

Believe me, changing something is not easy and it takes time. Don’t be in hurry and believe in teamwork. During the process of it, we may feel stressed but that is for the betterment of tomorrow.

What is the real distinction between the individuals who are doing incredible in life and the individuals who are attempting to discover a place? My understanding says the individuals who are not apprehensive of disappointment have seen how dread of disappointment can suffocate them in the proficient world. Glance around and you will understand that each fruitful individual fizzled numerous circumstances previously, they at last succeeded. Beating fear of Failure isn't simple. Figure out how to quit living in dread and how not to fear disappointment. Think positive always and understand that negative thinking can cause severe health problems.


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