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How To Retain Your Existing SEO Clients

It is fact that no online business can sustain without proper SEO optimization, strategies and techniques. More and more new websites are launched every day, but it does not mean that your SEO clients are increasing daily. 

Regular Keep in touch with clients

Everything is competitive and so is Search Engine Optimization. Some of the great tips that may come handy in your effort of retaining your existing SEO clients are mentioned below:

1. Be Honest Always : Honesty is the Best Policy. In SEO profession, you have to be reliable and honest with your clients. Many fake SEO service providers have done damages to many online business owners and they really see themselves in deep waters. So, never let your clients regret hiring you. Inform them regarding all details, information and marketing tools, strategies and time span you will need to create a top-notch website.

2. Set Your Objectives: Most of the time SEO professionals brag off plenty of but can’t deliver at the end. As a result, unsatisfied customers as well as reduced chances of retaining your existing customers. You must have some specific goals and objectives that you can achieve for your client with the help of your best SEO services. Tell your client what their website promotion needs, how long it will take to build traffic, what possible expenses are and other things.

3. Show Them Your SEO Performance : Your clients should understand that you cannot achieve good results overnight. To make them understand this, you need to show them a graph of your SEO performance, in order that they can see it and can make an estimate of how you worked on their project. So, they are satisfied that you have put in much effort to get the desired results.

4. Listen What Your Client Is Saying: To understand what your clients want and deliver exactly that is the best way to retain your existing client. If you are able to fulfill your clients need, then there is no reason that they will move to any other SEO agency India. But, if still there is something that requires changing, then discuss with your client.

5. Build Up A Strong Relationship With Your Clients : It is vital to building up a strong relationship with your client so as to retain your clients. You need to make them aware of each and every topic that your client needs to know. Also, inform them about the expertise that you have achieved in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

Conclusion : Remember that it’s easier and it costs five times less to hold a client than to gain a new one. You can share videos if any of your existing client provided for the best performance. Like below : 

However, you have to have a good plan or method in order to do this. Besides, you have to be transparent and manage your client’s expectations. You have to get your client’s crazy to work with you again and again. Thus, never forget these 5 things mentioned above. 


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