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Top 15 quotes on excellence (by Matshona Dhliwayo)


1. You cannot harvest the fruits of success without having cultivated the seeds of excellence.

2. Utilizing all of your mind is a step towards brilliance. Utilizing all of your heart is a step towards excellence. Utilizing all of your soul is a step towards nobleness. Utilizing all of your mind, heart, and soul is a step towards greatness.

3. When excellence becomes a habit, success becomes a lifestyle.

4. Mediocrity is your enemy,

satisfactory is your acquaintance,

excellence is your friend,

and genius is your soul mate.

5. When excellence comes in at the door, failure flies out the window.

6. If you water your dreams with excellence, success will grow.

7. Your strength is your ticket to persistence. Your mind is your ticket to brilliance. Your heart is your ticket to excellence. Your soul is your ticket to transcendence.

8. Stand out because you think differently, because you speak differently, because you act differently, because you work differently, and because you live differently.

9. Don’t expect success to fall from the sky if it didn’t evaporate from the sweat of your hands.

10. If you are a musician, sing to one as if you were singing to a million. If you are a dancer, dance to one as if you were dancing to a million. If you are a performer, perform to one as if you were performing to a million.

11. Stir the world with your skills, shake the world with your talents, move the world with your brilliance, change the world with your genius.

12. Renounce poor work. Shun trivial work. Entertain respectable work.

Welcome superior work. Honor transcendent work.

13. Make your mark now. Make your mark today. Make your mark forever.

14. Your mind can imagine what others cannot. Your heart can sense what others cannot. Your soul can receive what others cannot. Your feet can go where others cannot. Your hands can do what others cannot.

15. Run to brilliance. Sprint to excellence. Soar to transcendence.

Talent is thunder; genius is lightning. ~Matshona Dhliwayo

Light the candle of success with the flame of excellence. ~Matshona Dhliwayo