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Studitorial IN at a glance

Studitorial IN is a small online education company which has helped over 10000's of young people to choose their destinies. It is been developing since past 8 months and has achieved success. Studitorial IN has started organising webinars and seminars too which has helped many people. This startup is now developing a software which will make the work more easier, advanced and fun to do. This startup is founded by Huzaif Mhd(Youngest Entrepreneur) on September 2016. We believe that this startup will be going to get under the list of top 10000 startup very fast and will make a technology that every single person will behold of this and feel very cool to sit at their home and do their work.

Studitorial IN was founded by Huzaif Mhd. Since the past 8 months it has been getting more advanced and visitors love us too. This small startup needs more help to get under the list of top startups and it is doing its best. Studitorial IN is now developing a software, which is basically about the grading system. In short we are trying to make a first grading system around every school to show the result of each student online and one more thing to get excited about is about getting admissions in college or school through our Studitorial Evigardo software on which we are working upon. It is also launching a scheme which will provide tabs to Unpriviliged societies.

About the founder

Huzaif Mhd founded Studitorial and is considered among the youngest entrepreneurs. He started doing programming under the age 0f 12 and web developing at 14 and was choosed by many companies to join their events. He started making softwares at the age of 14 and bought books and started creating his own books too.(Unpublished)


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