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Masked heroes

Sometimes you don't know who you really are but it's surprising when you know it was in you the whole time.

Saturday July 01, 2017,

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We all love reading comics of our favorite superheroes saving the world with their powers and almost glue our eyes to these TV shows which portray them as efficiently as they can casting a spell on us to imagine ourselves having those powers. At some point in our lives, we realize that these powers do not exist. Some of us want to be superheroes, we want to change the world for good, we want to fight crime, want to help everyone in need. But truthfully everyone is a superhero in disguise. Why not, superheroes wear a disguise. To the outside world, it may seem you are a detective or a writer but the hidden power that you have is still very special to you.

Some of us know our powers and some do not but eventually, you must know for sure. None of us born without a purpose so let’s live up to efficiency. Not even one human birth must have gone waste. You might not be able to fly like batman or be as fast as the flash or even shot arrows into criminals or we can say be an unknown vigilante but what is even more surprising is to be different. For example, if you are a writer, a new reporter or columnist, you probably have a way with words and that’s the biggest gift. You can persuade and inform people about things they are unaware of. If you are a doctor then the best gift you’ve ever have is the power of proficiency which helps you save lives of people. So if you are a police officer or detective then you powers lie in your hands which can protect the city and your brain which evaluates evidence and does justice.

Not a problem if you are a scientist because whatever theory you have is most likely to become the next big change. Here it goes, some jobs and their powers. But I know just the question that you might have: how do I determine that? So you write down what your job is and how does it affect people in a way which helps others or even contributes towards a change in the world. Or you can think about things you do daily as part of your routine which helps the world and what kind of superhero does it make you. If you’re an environmentalist then you are an environment superhero and you deserve a superhero tag. Give yourself a name which sparks your personality quality and renames your identity to a new level. Be disappointed to see no change in a day, be happy and accept a few defeats

Don’t forget that you’re super worker by day and superhero by night. Tell everyone proudly that you are a superhero because you believe in the possible. Masked heroes always live up to their expectation and sum up to the worlds. So now you can go and show off your mask and your costume to everyone. 

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