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10 ways to get yourself a laptop virus and hacked!


Hackers are trying to hack your account and grab your personal information relentlessly. If one process is failing, they are seizing another opportunity with a new innovation to hack your account in some other ways.

This time don’t think from a laptop owner’s perspective, rather look from a hacker’s angle. It will enable you to understand what they actually think and do, so that you could take your stance against it more easily.

Here are 10 awesome ways to get laptop virus and hacked –

1. Using same password repetitively – It’s the easiest way to get hacked. In fact, if you can use an already hacked password, you will surely entertain the hacker into your laptop.

2. Using the same password everywhere – There is no harm in accessing scores of social media, digital newspapers, websites of your interest or registering in different e-commerce sites. If you are using the same password everywhere for the sake of your convenience than you are actually welcoming the hackers.

3. Insecure web searching – many individuals say that my laptop hacked and I don’t know the reason. Maybe they have not done anything wrong apparently but hackers always think differently. In many instances, some unknown software may try to change your browser settings with an intention to push unwanted ads. By allowing them, you are actually welcoming the hackers.

4. Updated antivirus – If you are not updating your antivirus software regularly you are paving ways for various viruses.

5. Use Facebook Id to register in an unknown site – Many individuals complain, ‘My Facebook account got hacked, but I couldn’t understand how!’, this may be due to using Facebook Id to register in an unpopular and unknown site.

6. Inactivated firewall – If your firewall is not active, your laptop may pass many Trojans and malware unhindered.

7. Clicking unknown links in emails – Clicking on an unknown links promising some alluring gifts, cash prizes, contacts may give you nicest gifts in form of viruses and malwares.

8. Outdated OS – If you say, ‘My laptop hacked’, it may be probably due to outdated OS.

9. Use of pirated software – A pirated software is actually hacker-friendly software because these software lack security codes so always susceptible to hacking.

10. Downloading illegal contents – It is one of the most obvious reasons that your laptop is hacked

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