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Benefits of using unlimited calling plans

Whenever the word unlimited comes with a service it leads to a sense of happiness for getting the best value for money. Therefore, it goes without saying that for people with heavy usage of local and STD calling, as well as text messages, unlimited postpaid plans often prove to be a great asset. In addition, freebies like 4G data benefits, music, movies and other services, ensure that these plans prove to be great value for money!

Postpaid plans are sought by all people thanks to the myriad benefits they offer to the mobile population of the country. They are cost-effective and with the growth in the sector, companies are ensuring that there is no lag between expectations and reality with regards to calling experiences. Telecom operators are offering postpaid connections with unlimited local and STD calling plans to meet the myriad expectations of their subscriber base. Let us understand why!

1) Freedom of Usage

With unlimited postpaid plans on offer, you are entitled to free local and STD calls. As a user, if you enjoy a postpaid connection, you practically have the freedom to make numerous local as well as STD calls throughout the day, or even throughout your billing cycle, without having to worry about massive bills. Given that your bill rental is pre-fixed, there is no need to worry about monthly rentals.

2) Internet Usage

More often than not, your unlimited calling plan will also entail 4G data. As a matter of fact, some service providers offer up to 10 GB data usage, completely free of cost. Not only does it help save the added amount of money that would have otherwise been spent on buying the data plan, but also saves you from the hassle of updating the plan every once awhile.

3) Ease of Payment

With online payments and apps on all mobile, ease of payment has become a necessity for most people. The much-desired ease of payment can be done online or with the help of apps, all you need to do is pay the amount with a click.

4) Unlimited Credit

While with most plans, you will need to worry about running out of balance, or talk-time, with unlimited postpaid plans you can rest assured of making as many calls as you like without any hassle. Given that you will enjoy unlimited credit benefits, there are no daily/monthly call limits to worry about. This advantage usually comes in very handy in unforeseen emergency situations.

5) Access to Call Logs

With an unlimited STD calling plan, you can easily access your call logs, by getting in touch with your service provider. Your Call Detail Records (CDRs) will essentially comprise of the dialled number, the duration of the call, the date and time of the call, and the type of call. The record will also offer you details regarding whether the call was Mobile Originated or Mobile Terminated.

6) Entertainment

Service providers have gone out of their way to offer services such as a stipulated amount of free music and free movies with their postpaid plans, which ensures that you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment services, every month!

7) Text Messages

Most unlimited postpaid plan almost always offers text messages at no additional cost. In fact, most service providers offer up to 100 free text messages, which is more than just sufficient, even for people with heavy SMS.


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