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Goa gets ready for the Christmas, have you planned the tour?

Goa -----------a Heaven

What makes Goa the most admired tourist place; fabulous weather, famous goa beach party, or affectionate people? Or is it the magnificent blend of culture and modern lifestyle? Well, it is impossible to isolate all these aspects from each other. Goa, in fact, is the kaleidoscope of all these facets. They get merged to create a big picture of a place that is always cheerful, lively and simmering with enthusiasm and energy. It is the reason; when people want to spend the holiday at a blissful place, Goa is always there on the cards. Best clubs in goa get prepared for the peak season that is round the corner!

Christmas time is the peak time

Though you will find Goa always crowded and bustled with cheer and enthusiasm throughout the year, the two months of December and January reach the peak. Loads of domestic and international tourists accumulate there to enjoy upcoming events in goa.

As the month of December begins, hotels, clubs and resorts start preparations to serve guests with the best of services. The festive fever rises gradually and Christmas celebrations, New Year and Carnival are the most fabulous moments.

Not only hotels and resorts but churches and other religious places also get decorated and illuminated to mark the celebrations.

It is the most happening time in Goa

If it is a fact that you can have fun in Goa round the year, then why is there so much Gung-Ho about the Christmas season? Well, there is a difference. Throughout the year you dint have so much rush in the city, it is one thing. Another important aspect is that it is the holiday time in India and worldwide. No wonder, all important events in goa are celebrated in these two months.

Where should you stay, in North Goa or South Goa?

It hardly makes a difference as far as the festive season is concerned. Each nook and corner of Goa are full of celebration mood. However, night clubs in north goa are more famous for nightlife than the places in South or Central Goa. Do a little research before booking the place.

Are you traveling Goa for the first time? Then make sure you book the hotel or resort well in advance. Don’t wait untill the eleventh hour. Either you won’t get the accommodation, or you have to pay a fortune if you are lucky enough to get it.


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