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Why should you migrate your web pages into AMP?

Why should you migrate your web pages into AMP?

Wednesday August 22, 2018,

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Why should you migrate your web pages into AMP 

Why should you migrate your web pages into AMP 

Variations are the best if they give productive results for your enterprise. One biggest trade is the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages is a free, open-source framework that Developed by Google to provides faster loading pages for your mobile users. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages is fast loading mobile sites. AMP pages are built in new latest technologies to reduce page loading speed and security, AMP pages are 90% faster than non-AMP pages. The major goal of the AMP page is faster loading of web pages and reliability.

Here are a several of the most appealing benefits of AMP that why website owners looking for AMP development company to enhance their web pages into amp pages.

1) Reduce website load time

Amp is mainly built for reducing the loading time of the content on your web pages and also loads the web pages easily with efficiency. With the help of the AMP plugin, it loads within 5 seconds that show to have the most effective impression on user action and conversion.

2) Mobile Friendly

Amps are available for all devices giving them a perfect mobility solution. It also helps to increase mobile ranking. AMP gives us a standard ruler for estimating what is the mobile-ready feature and what is not.

3) Low Bounce rate

The major advantage to using AMP is low bounce rate. It helps to faster loading pages that your customers are few possibilities to leave. Amp decrease bounce rate of your website effectively.

4) Enhanced SEO

Because there is no need to customized your web contents, search engines can quickly identify your web page.

5) Fit on any browser

With the help of AMP, you can customize and mold your web pages in any browser type like chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Aoi, Baidu, and etc.

6) Optimized Data Consumption

AMP provides you to install in the website as an application on their home screen to an app store.

7) sitemap is not required

When your pages are converted on AMP pages then there is no need to create an XML sitemap. Google will pick the XML sitemap them self.

8) Support for Ads

Main aims of AMP is to support a wide range of ads network, latest technologies, and formats. Amp should help sponsors to expand their impact and develop ROI on ad spend.

So, did you install AMP on your WordPress blog? Why are you waiting for? Just add it and give your users one more incentive to love your site. If already does that let us know in the comment section.