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Send Father's Day Gift for dad

Father’s Day is around the corner and this is the perfect time to show how well you know your main man with a bit of love…and a great gift!

Wednesday June 14, 2017,

3 min Read

Here's handpicked Father's Day gift guide that celebrates your dad’s individuality.

The Music Lover Dad

“Sometimes I Look at you and wonder that’s how I get my awesome taste in music!”

He loves Bob, and Bowie and Jimi! He is constantly recommending (unsolicited recommendation, though) music to people. He has a collection of posters from the 70s and 80s. And you’ve definitely seen him mimicking his favourite artist every time he plays his favourite track. But a dad without his daily dose of rock and roll is an unhappy dad. Keep those dad-rock levels high on Father’s Day with our Band Tees collection.

The Geek Dad

“I can’t get enough of my love for superheroes, just like you!”

He spent most part of his childhood flipping through comic strips, and his adult life has been all about catching the latest superhero movie there is! Your dad’s fandom in unbound for all those greatest superheroes. Let his agile style steer his passion for all things superheroes with our Superhero tees collection.

The Gameaholic Dad

“Oh mum, we are training the brain!”

Over the years, you have come to associate your dad's love for video games. And, there isn't any other gift that will satiate his need to jump into impromptu gaming sessions with you even if it means going past the “rules” of the house. Your dad is an epitome of what they call "The Cool Dad" and our TV Shows tee collection is all you need to put a seal to it!

Certified Television Binger Dad

“Well, one more episode never hurts!”

He discussed the fate of Game of Thrones with you and he knows all the punchlines of Sheldon Cooper. He’s the dad you love to share all your fan theories with? Certified television binger dad is someone who has basically watched everything ever made. He has an unquenchable thirst to know everything that's related to the shows he likes - trivia, blooper reels and all of the recommended videos on YouTube. Basically, he feels sinned if he waits another week to watch the next episodes.

The Phunny Dad

“Dad, you’re PHU-NNY!”

Dads are almost 200% more likely to make embarrassing jokes, but as a good offspring your job is to laugh at his jokes and throw a high five. Give him some explicit material to brush up his funny skills with our generic tee collection. T-shirts sporting sarcastic statements and funny quotes will ensure optimal effects -perhaps turning all lull[s] into lol[s] Try emoji t-shirts such as Shit Happens or Poop just got serious.

Pick the styles that complement your old man’s personality, because he sure deserves to be loved beyond measures!