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Top Modern Web Designs In Trend


Nothing can be more exciting than having the capability of bringing life to a profession, product, brand or service through the website. A well-designed website showcases everything about your business, its history, culture, and many more. And this is the reason why is a truly breathtaking experience. So, if you wish to excel in the business, an eye-catchy web design is a must for you. This will not only grab huge traffic but will also elevate sales in your business.

However, the website designs these days might leave you awestruck and mesmerized. The website created is basically a mix of varied sensations all at once especially if you check out some of the most beautifully designed modern websites.

Whether you wish to sell a product or promote an advocacy, your website should be designed in such a way that it seals the deal for you. Designing a website does not mean to look at the ongoing web design trends or what others are doing in the industry. It is generally about applying varied approaches and showcasing the aim of the website.

In this article, we will be discussing about 8 awesome examples of modern web designs. These illustrations can be a great source of inspiration and show you how an effective design can catch the attention of huge customer base.

Top Examples Of Modern Web Designs

Large Background Images:

Large background images are gaining immense popularity in today’s modern web designs. You will get to see a wide range of examples on the web these days that illustrates this technique. Hero images can give your website an amazing visual effect especially for high resolution monitors. Moreover, it can make addition to your site design as compared to the traditional tiled background graphic.

For example, Sparx IT Solutions and Leve Hytter are widely recognized for its unique web layout. Making use of the large background images, the site has been wonderfully designed.

Unique Typography:

There are many companies that make use of fonts or typography that help their customers to distinguish them from their competitors. In recent years, the designers have got the option of a huge range of fonts to choose from which makes it simpler for brands to specifically express themselves through typography.

Check out the websites of BetterGraph and AppsChopper that have made use of typography to stand ahead of their competitors.

User Interface:

A great UI design is all about assisting the users to accomplish a given task as efficiently as possible. Though the look and feel of the website is highly important, but it is also vital to ensure that the interface has elements that are simple to access and can be used to facilitate those actions. CSSChopper and Lobagola comes with the best user interface.

Hamburger Menus:

Nowadays, there are many websites that offers their customers a long menu of options to select from. The major advantage of these long menu is that the they take the visitor directly to the place they wish to go but that might cover the major screen space. Now, with the introduction of hamburger menu, things have changed. Earlier, it was very common in web applications but now they have made their way to web design.

The best example of Hamburger Menus can be seen at Pinterest or Sampedro.

Background Videos:

Videos that play automatically in the background can add a lot of value to your web page. These videos can be utilized for conveying a story and reducing the amount of any other content that might be needed for explaining your business.

The perfect example can be seen on sites like MyProvence Festival or westelmhotels.

Card Design:

These days, card design is becoming highly popular web design among B2B and B2C websites as it helps in delivering short information to the users in a classy way. By making use of this design on your site, you can easily highlight multifarious products or solutions side-by-side. Ensure that the card design used is fully responsive so that they adapt to the size of the screen accordingly.

Dribbble or theverge are the websites where you can see awesome card designs.


Another most popular feature of web design that is skyrocketing these days is the usage of graphics on the site. The designers are widely making use of the graphics to enhance the overall appearance of the website. No-Refresh or madebyfieldwork website designs include graphics that makes them stand ahead of others.

Bold, catchy colors:

As per Buffer, it is estimated that over 90% of the assessment of the product is done based on the color. So, it becomes vital to consider color with utmost care for every design decision especially websites. There might be chances that if the color of the websites is not appealing, then the audiences won’t stay on the site for long.

The perfect insight for bold, catchy colors can be seen at websites like panicstudio and paypr

Wrapping Up!

Practically, when talking about the web design patterns, it is changing at a rapid pace which makes it essential for the designers to be updated with each change. Gone are the days when web design was not very important and the designers just aimed on packing a complete load of information into a single website. But, now the designing trend has changed to a great extent. The designers are making use of the latest trend going on in the market and create a website that makes them stand ahead of others. But, the toughest part is to be compatible with the current era and know what your competitors are involved into.


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