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Various types of architecture styles


There are only a few months left for complete this academic year. The student gets tensed about the course which they are going to choose. Some student may interest to become a doctor some may want to become an Engineer. The decision of the student is based on their own interest as well as the current career opportunities for the particular course. Some student may passionate about Architecture course. Architecture students supposed to learn how to design, construct and plan a structure of the building. Complete the five-year undergraduate program of Architecture is not an easy job. It needs more dedication and passion about Architecture course. In this article, I would like to give the information about different types of Architecture designs.

The style of Architecture is referred to the features and the structure of the building. It includes the method of construction, the shape of the building and the material which are used for construction.

Architecture styles in Historical period

Medieval Architecture

This is one of the best Architecture styles in Medieval Europe. These kinds of buildings mainly served for defense. The shapes of the windows which are present in the building are cross. This kind of structure is used for religious laces like Churches. There are many styles introduced after medieval. Yet most of them have a characteristic of Medieval Architecture.

Richardsonian Romanesque

This is one of the famous Architecture styles in the world. The name of this style is derived from the name known Henry Hobson Richardson. In this style of Architecture, a hipped roof with lower cross gables was used. This is one of the unique factors about this style. The windows are designed in the arc form. This kind of structure is used in churches and museums. 

Early Modern style Architecture

This style of Architecture is introduced in the first half of the 20th century. This style allows an engineer to take an experiment in the structure. This style of Architecture gives the sculpted look to the buildings. But this style is not up to the mark. Learn Architecture from the best B.Arch Colleges in Chennai to know more about Architecture.