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10 Best Custom Checkbox And Radio Input Replacements (2019 Update)


Tired of ugly native checkboxes and radio buttons in the form? Default checkboxes and radio buttons are not usually the best choice for an application whose components have other styles. So, never forget to give styles to those components too. Visually charming interfaces will be always essential nowadays, a boring application won’t be apparently the favorite of the users, right? As a designer, you should be responsible to create user interfaces that are easy to use but also that look good as well.  Here is the collection of 10 best free jQuery and pure CSS libraries to enhance, and beautify the native checkboxes and radio buttons in your HTML forms. 

Here are the top 5 best Checkbox and Radio inputs with pure CSS and JQuery libraries to create impressive and beautiful checkboxes in your web application

Top 5 best Checkbox and Radio Inputs 

  • Material and iOS Style Checkbox and Radio inputs: A lightweight and pure CSS solution to create Material Design and iOS inspired animated checkboxes and radio buttons for your HTML form which can be customized using CSS.
  • Bootstrap Checkbox: Bootstrap Checkbox is a jQuery/ Bootstrap plugin that converts a normal checkbox into an awesome toggle control. It is a very straightforward and easy to use checkbox component based on the bootstrap framework. To create this just simply include the bootstrap-checkbox.js script in your document:

<!-- Include jQuery -->

<script src="jquery.js"></script>

<!-- Include Copy of bootstrap-checkbox.js -->

<script src="dist/js/bootstrap-checkbox.js"></script>

To select the checkbox elements with jQuery then initialize the component and call the checkboxpicker method:


  • Tiny Toggle: Tiny toggle is a simple and useful plugin to mask the checkboxes HTML input tag in your projects. It contains a jQuery plugin and a web font that allows you to convert checkboxes into fabulous on/off toggle buttons/switches using HTML5 data attributes. In this, you can choose from 13 different icons sets and customize colors palette and size as you like and extend with an external library. It is easy to use and light to include in your project.
  • iCheck: iCheck is a fancy and lightweight jQuery plugin and pure CSS solution that allows you to create beautiful and highly customizable twitter bootstrap style checkboxes and radio buttons with nearly about 25 built-in options and 6 skins. icheck boxes are generally based on twitter bootstrap styles. So make certain that you link the bootstrap stylesheet property in the header and use the default markup structure:

<div class="checkbox icheck-primary">

    <input type="checkbox" id="someCheckboxId" />

    <label for="someCheckboxId">Click to check</label>


  • Fully Customizable Radio buttons and checkboxes: jQuery plugin used to beautify the default checkboxes and radio buttons using CSS and JavaScript. For thno images are required.
  • el-checkbox: el- checkbox is a pure CSS/CSS3 library to create custom checkboxes, radio buttons and iOS styles toggle switches.
  • Checkboxes.css: Used to prettify the regular checkbox inputs with custom styles.

  • Beautiful- checkbox.css: Allows you to beautify and change styles, sizes, and positions of the native checkbox inputs with pure CSS. 
  • Toggle Group Buttons: CSS is the only solution that converts a series of radio inputs into toggle buttons and groups them in an inline button group with gradients.it is the lightweight jQuery plugin that creates easily styleable toggle buttons. In this, you need to specify the theme you want to use. The toggle class is simply what we use as our selector to initialize it:

<div class="toggle toggle-modern">


The above all radio buttons and checkboxes are created using JavaScript and jQuery plugins to create. 


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