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10 Education Startups That Make Learning easy for Students in Asia 2018


Notes Macbook Study Online Learning. Photo Source: Pexels.com.

Education happens to be the most valued commodity especially in Singapore. The question is how to quench the thirst of knowledge of aspiring students. Well, technology is the key. Seeing massive demand for knowledge, several education startups have forayed in Singapore in 2018 in a bid to impart qualitative, affordable, intuitive and innovative education to students. Let’s check out these startups and how they are serving the students of Singapore:

1. Chemistry Guru

Maverick Puah founder of ChemistryGuru. Photo Source: ChemistryGuru.

Maverick Puah aka the Chemistry Guru has been making a tough subject like Chemistry simpler through his innovative, easy to understand teaching style. ChemistryGuru specializes in teaching JC and IP Chemistry and A Level H2 Chemistry. Maverick Puah, a veteran PSC teacher and ex MOE JC lecturer personally takes all the classes. This online tutorials has become a favorite for students owing to the flexibility, straight to the point teaching and simplified learning methods. Apart from offering quality education, ChemistryGuru also offers revision lectures to students to help them score better!

2. Learn Anything

Photo Source: Learn Anything.

Learn Anything offers a platform to those willing to learn and those who want to teach. The platform offers vast gamut of tutoring on varied subjects like Math, English Speaking and even Men Grooming, Foreign Languages and more...While this versatile platform gives tutors an opportunity to follow their passion of teaching and earn, it also gives students an affordable learning solutions, where students can learn at their pace and time.

3. Tentor

Photo Source: Tentor.

Tentor is an innovative app that prepares students for college and university exams. It is an interactive app that promotes healthy competition and gives a feeling of being in a classroom. The app has educational videos, practice tests, and keeps a tab on your performance. It has a built in feature named battle, which tells students how they fared vis-à-vis their friends in the class. This feature acts as a great motivator, boosting students to perform better. The app is available for iOS and Android users.

4. Tuition121

Photo Source: Tution121

A vision of 3 innovative leaders, Tuition21 integrates traditional learning with innovative approach to offer wholesome knowledge to its students. Tuition121 caters to students of all ages, right from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in academics and beyond in languages, skill development and computers. They also engage in workshops on various subjects ranging from Public Speaking, Chess, Movie making and more.

5. Soqqle

Photo Source: Soqqle.

Soqqle personifies the new era learning. The foundation of soqqle was based on 2 things. One, the immense potential of gaming and second; desire to help the millennial stay relevant in the technological world. This smart social network engages its users into purposeful interaction by offering them curated learning experiences and giving them blockchain powered tokens as incentive. So, unlike other social network platforms, this platform helps the young generation learn and earn and also empowers them to gear up to the future needs.

6. Ruangguru

Photo Source: RuangGuru

Two young Indonesians started this edtech venture and within a year made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Consumer tech category, Asia. Ruangguru offers the concept of “one stop learning” with its interactive mobile app that offers videos, practice test, a stand by tutor who’s ready to help whenever a student gets stuck through the chat function and more. Ruangguru’s non traditional approach to teaching, easy access and affordability has made it a popular learning platform.

7. Koobits

Photo Source: Koobits.

Koobits is an e-learning platform that started in Singapore and now operates in several other countries including Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. Soon the company would be venturing into countries like Australia, Srilanka and more...The company noted for its math tuitions with primary aim of enhancing problem solving techniques in kids gained widespread popularity owing to its intuitive, innovative teaching methods and interactive modules. The platform offers kids to share their math problems and solutions with their peers. It uses virtual manipulative tools to help students imbibe the concepts. It also has worksheets to help students fare better in exams.

8. Xseed

Photo Source: Xseed Education.

Though Xseed is not exactly an e-learning platform, it supplies interactive education software to schools in Singapore. The program focuses on developing problem solving skills in education. XSeed differs from the Western counterparts as it also provides content in form of digital material and caters to both students and teachers. While it has lesson plans for teachers, it has learning apps for students. XSeed is a novel approach in the direction of offering cost effective package for infrastructure as well as educational curriculum.

9. EduAdvisor

Photo Source: Edu Advisor.

A different enterprise headquartered in Malaysia, EduAdvisor, as the name suggests offers educational advice to students. Right from career options in various fields ranging from computers and arts to culinary skills, the website carefully lists all the available options for aspiring students. Next, it also gives a list of Universities and schools offering these courses as well as comparative tables so that students can get an insight at a glance into the Universities and schools offering their choice of courses. While this website may not have made it big in terms of revenue as it is a free website, it gets decent business through referrals and ads.

10. ABC 360

Photo source: ABC360.

ABC 360 is a Chinese company that teaches English to aspiring students online. After successful venture in China, it also expanded its wings to Thailand and Philippines where multitudes of students are resorting to e-learning platforms to garner their linguistic skills without burning a hole in their pocket.

Education startups have brought about a paradigm shift in the way teaching was done. While some of these startups use a blended approach including both online and offline curriculum, several others are totally online offering learning opportunities which were otherwise thought of as unaffordable by many!


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